Q&A: How Can I Make A Fading Image?

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  1. Let me see if I can explain this clearly. I want to fade an image from top to bottom, for example I have a photo of a man and want to fade the image gradually from top to bottom, the top of the photo being full opacity fading into the background as I reach his feet. Am I making sense? I'm using Photoshop cs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Regards motherbadbone.
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    thanks for that link
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    weird ... i was looking for the same info last night.
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    awsome mate thanx for the link, still getting to grips with photoshop. i think the possibilities are endless.:av-12:
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    Thanks, just started using ps two days ago. I need all the help I can get.:biggthump
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    Very nice and handy.
    But what to do if I dont want the color of the layermask to be a color but the background or lower layer? So I can create a transparant fade out?
    Help please.
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    I was also looking for this a few days ago. Thanks for the link!
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    Nice Tip... Thanks...
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    U Was A Great Help
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    I just tried it and looks great, thanks for the tip
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    thx ctaulbee there is never ehough tips for learning some new tricks ;)
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    ctaulbee's link provides the answer

    -Make sure that the gradient toolbar previews a black-to-white gradient, as shown below (the black-to-transparent gradient will work as well)
    -Click once on the layer mask to make sure that you're "on" it, so that you don't accidentally paint your picture black! Then, click at the bottom of the picture, hold the mouse, and drag the mouse straight up. You can hold the shift key while you drag to "force" the cursor to move in a straight line. Move the cursor up to about where you want the fade to "end," and let go.

    Just make sure you have the layer mask selected that you will be working on

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