Playstation 2 Cover request "Rule of Rose"

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    Hi everyone,apologies if I've used the wrong section but wasn't sure where else to ask. Ok,so I'm really in need of help on this one. I'm after the official cover for the very rare Playstation 2 Game "Rule of Rose" but the UK English PAL version. I can find other European countries version through a Google search but when it comes to the UK one I find nothing. The reason it's rare is cus it was banned the day before its release over here, but many people still receive there copy at the time if they had preordered it. A copy on eBay fetches a good price if it's the UK version of the game. So yeah,think of this as a challenge if you like but honestly I'm not going in with much hope. If anybody can help me out,it be really appreciated. Me asking here is kinda a last resort. Thanks to all that has took time to read this. Now,challenge set guys :p

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