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  1. tkboxer

    tkboxer Member Designer
    This film is more of a suspense/thriller than action however the action scenes are well done.
    You will watch this one uninterrupted because you fear you will miss a clue as to who has hijacked this plane and why.
    As with any mystery everyone is a suspect, where the writer succeeds is that you never figure out who it is til the end (at least I didn't).
    I thought Non-Stop was entertaining and worth watching.
  2. nalla

    nalla Sophomore Member

    excellent film well worth a watch
  3. nalla

    nalla Sophomore Member

    i thought this wouldn't be very good, but i was very surprised, it was excellent
  4. American

    American Member Member

    excellent film from excellent actor.
  5. pykejoe

    pykejoe Member Member

    i personally disliked this movie, it was by far not one his greatest films to date, i was bored all the way through

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