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  1. kingmyo1o

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    Hi guys, I am looking to get a new LED TV to go on the wall as i have built a false wall for it and my 37" LCD will go in the bedroom. What is the best 42" LED TV out at the moment for picture quality not sound as the speakers will be turned off because i have it through an amp.

    Im looking at around £550 to £600.

  2. WoGGo

    WoGGo New Member Member

    Why would you get an LED LCD over a Plasma?

    If your TV is going to be used in a particularly bright room then sure, go for an LCD, if not, you can't beat a plasma for picture quality.

    Spend a few more pounds and go a Panasonic TX-P42ST50B...

    "The Panasonic TX-P42ST50B features the best black level we’re ever seen from an HDTV costing less than £1800."

    "What’s more, blacks were neutral and colourless, not blueish-purple like an LED LCD TV’s. Because Plasmas don’t work with polarised light like an LCD or LED LCD, the blacks didn’t turn grey when the panel was viewed from the sides; the same jet-black was visible at every seating position in the room."
  3. kingmyo1o

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    thats some good info and yes the TV will be in a bright room and i want an LED for the thinnest the A rating energy and because they are light enough for the wall. plasmas use alot more power than any other TV are heavy and start degrading the minute you turn them on am i right?
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  4. WoGGo

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    Your knowledge of plasmas is about 10 years old.

    From what I have read, the extra power used by a plasma is so minimal over the year it's hardly worth taking into account.

    As for weight, you can wall mount almost any TV. The extra 3-6kg of a plasma isn't going to make any difference, as you will most likely be mounting it to the studs.
    I was in the process of mounting a Panasonic ST50 (50") for a friend but didn't because the TV unit he bought ended up being the perfect height.

    Anyhow, if you want the LED LCD for the above reasons, go for it, but if you want the best picture quality out there... well, you know what do buy.
  5. subzero20

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    Plasma is best for frontal video quality. However, I have a few friends with Plasmas from the past couple of years and not only is the picture degrading in quality, but its getting harder to view it from a side/angle.

    I have always had LED-LCD TVs and I find they are perfectly fine for the size range you are looking at. Since its 42" u are looking at, it is a good-sized TV sitting across/in front of the room that you wont really notice the difference in quality of LED vs plasma. If you were to be getting a 50+ inch, then maybe, but still, itll be minimal.

    IMO, you might as well go w/ the LED TV. It will be cheaper (especially in the long run) and produce the same picture. Also, their value tends to hold longer since the picture degrades less over time.
  6. kingmyo1o

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    Thanks for all the info and i think i will go for the LED and iv seen a nice one but at more money than i wanted to spend "Panasonic TX-L42WT50B 42-inch" alot of sites are saying this is the best LED TV out at the moment but the cheapest i can see is amazon at £999.
  7. WoGGo

    WoGGo New Member Member

    Unless you're looking at buying an ELITE PRO LED LCD, why would you want to spend more on a LED LCD that doesn't perform as well as the Panasonic plasma I have mentioned?

    I got my parents the Panasonic VT20A (as it's known in Australia), so it is a couple of years old now. It gets viewed multiple hours every single day. I have yet to see any picture degradation of any sort, and where I sit to view it, I am always on an angle.
    In fact, this is the first time I have heard some one mention a plasma degrades in quality...
  8. kingmyo1o

    kingmyo1o New Member Member

    I was told the first time i started looking at flat tv's and Plasma had just arrived on the market that they start to degrade the minute you turn them on as the plamsa starts to die and i never reviewed any plasma tv's after that and i have never wanted one since then and always stuck to LCD but now i want a new tv i just thought that LED was the way to go and the best right now.

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