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Discussion in 'Introductions - New Members' started by LoPan787, Dec 28, 2016.

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    Never been one to do much cover making, but it is something I'm interested in. There are a some great artists out there doing wonderful work - work that should've been done by the companies making bank on these movies! As such, it's nice to see communities willing to put some time and effort into making a better experience out of one's personal video collection.

    On that note, I'm a hardcore movie fanatic and currently have about a 600 blu-ray collection. It's always growing, but will probably never hit my crazy DVD collection of years past. At one point I had something like 1500 or 2000 DVDs. Alas, they had to be sold off.
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    Welcome :)
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    Thank you!

    I've already been able to get some excellent art for Twilight Zone. I'm going to buy some individual packages for the seasons from the recent bulk release. I swear, the price was great for that ($70), but the packaging is atrocious! Can't wait to see the series in new packaging.
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