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Discussion in 'R1DB Site News' started by jayhawk, Nov 8, 2010.

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  1. jetkris

    jetkris New Member Member

    It sounds fun, I'll give it a try.
  2. Cinemink

    Cinemink Member Designer

    Well I'm in... when do we start? ;)
  3. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    heh, I got super busy with all the holiday crap and work that this time of year brings. Demonology took a leave of absence, so... It's been delayed for a bit. Probably start up early next year sometime though.
  4. Hailstorm

    Hailstorm The Sarge Staff Member Site Staff

    OK we have been hashing out the details for the competition so everyone get their pencils and erasers ready as it should kick-off with in the next week with all the details. Cheers
  5. Hailstorm

    Hailstorm The Sarge Staff Member Site Staff

    I will post all the details on the 1st of May, so all I can say is "Let's Get Ready To Rumble".
  6. Hailstorm

    Hailstorm The Sarge Staff Member Site Staff

    Let the games begin

    Welcome to the R1DB Quarterly Cover Contest
    This is a competition to see who can make the best cover and label from one of the following 5 titles:
    Madea’s Big Happy Family, Water for Elephants, Soul Surfer, Source Code or Insidious.
    Only one entry per contestant and your entry should be either a Blu-ray/label combo or a DVD/Label combo.
    All entries will be the property of R1BD during the competition, after that, they will be posted in their respected locations on the site. This contest will be limited to all members of R1DB only, any art work produced by another will not be allowed and any member doing so will be barred from the site for said infraction. Please PM Hailstorm with your title selection and name so we can keep track of all the entrants in the contest, all contestants will have to submit their title choice no later than 5 May, 2010. All contestants will be required to identify his or her contest cover/label entry with the following * Competition Entry * where the Artist name would go, do not use your name on the cover/label entry, we can identify who uploaded the cover via other means. All completed art work will be submitted no later than 20 May, 2010. Judging will begin on 22 May, 2010 with the winner being announced on 25 May, 2010.
    The following prizes will be awarded:
    1st Place $30.00
    2nd Place $20.00
    3rd Place $10.00
    Payable either by Paypal or Amazon Gift Card
    Good Luck to all.
  7. jorcara

    jorcara Guest

    I'll give it a go sometimes for sure
  8. el_che

    el_che Guest

    Good Old Germany is in :)
  9. tivy4241

    tivy4241 Guest

    I'd love to participate!!
  10. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    hailstorm... start a new thread ;) - and make sure everyone pm's you to let you know which cover they're doing, and that they're participating. We'll require a minimum of 8-10 people to be "in" before we start.
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