Man of Steel

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  1. Schylling

    Schylling Sophomore Member

    Looking forward to this one!

    IMDB trailer Man of Steel (2013)

    Zack Snyder
    David S. Goyer, Christopher Nolan, Joe Shuster, Jerry Siegel, Jay Oliva
    6.5 (5,901 votes)
    Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction
    Released Date:
    Release Date (US):


    • Henry Cavill
      Clark Kent / Kal-El
    • Amy Adams
      Lois Lane
    • Michael Shannon
      General Zod
    • Kevin Costner
      Jonathan Kent
    • Diane Lane
      Martha Kent


    A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind.
  2. ptaulbee

    ptaulbee New Member Member

    Looks to be a good story, looks like General Zod is making an appearance.
  3. HungShark

    HungShark New Member Member

    It's looking really good. It still bugs me how Hollywood seems to be outsourcing our Superheroes, but damn does Henry Cavill fit the Superman look so well...
  4. gingeee85

    gingeee85 Member Member

    it looks a bit more serious, but cant help thinking it has a touch of dark knight from that trailer, ie the outcast that people dont want ect.. i might be reading too much into it and i will be going to see non the less as i like all superman movies bar that brandon roth tripe lol
  5. thejpq

    thejpq Member Member

    looks serious and looks like a good popcorn flick if anything
  6. Irrob

    Irrob Freshman Member

    Looks interesting.
  7. pykejoe

    pykejoe Member Member

    Love superman always have, i really hope this one turns out good
  8. American

    American Member Member

    the reporter said "THE BEST MOVIE OF 2013"!!!
  9. tanadaki

    tanadaki New Member Member

    interesting movie for 2013
  10. pykejoe

    pykejoe Member Member

    i'm really looking forward to seeing this, the original superman was the first superhero movie i ever saw.
  11. Irule22

    Irule22 Member Member

    Not a big Superman guy, thought Superman Returns was solid, yet unspectacular. Now....THIS ONE, I am TOTALLY geeked for!!! I can't wait!! I even bought the special screening of the film through Walmart (check stores for details).
  12. johnstewart51

    johnstewart51 New Member

    I enjoyed the movie
  13. KainScion

    KainScion Member Member

    boy, was this a storm of shittiness. so many dumb moments that were supposed to be emotional. PLUS superman is jesus if you didnt know.
  14. tuter

    tuter Member Member

    horrible movie
  15. thedemise

    thedemise Member Member

    I didn't see this in theater, but I'm sure excited to get it on Blu ray.
  16. nenadxx

    nenadxx Member Member

    Looks interesting
  17. zhao1984

    zhao1984 Member Member

    maybe good
  18. coverwizard

    coverwizard Member Member

    Hello guys, like many comic book lovers, I always enjoyed reading both the marvel comics and dc comics. Of course superman with Christopher Reeve will always be mine favorite, but I must say they have a lot nice lookalikes after the first superman movies. Especially the special effects give the new movies some more dimensions and in the last one, the man of steel, hero himself looks a liitle darker and a much less nice person than the origininal superman. With that I refer to the end with the duel between superman and Zodd, where the last got killed by superman. Another nice film for my DVD colection and I hope they make more superman films :)
  19. otacon

    otacon New Member Member

    I read that Justin Bieber would play Robin In 'Man Of Steel' Sequel :D
  20. GeorelloG

    GeorelloG Member Member

    Really now!!!!

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