Log in, try to search covers, says I have to be registered.

Discussion in 'Report Problems Here' started by Buddy A Belew, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. Buddy A Belew

    Buddy A Belew flaminbud Member

    I've been a member of the website since August 2013. Since the website has changed, I can log on, see my profile, but when I try to search covers a
    message pops up saying I have to be registered to use search on this site. It leaves me puzzled. I thought as a member I was already registered. If not, how do I get registered? If I have to be registered to some other site to use this one, where? I know with new upgrades there's always bugs in the system. Hopefully you can get this one taken care of.
  2. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    clear your cookies if you see that type of problem, you likely have multiple cookies from the previous site software and this one.
  3. Buddy A Belew

    Buddy A Belew flaminbud Member

    Man you're a genius. Cleared the cookies and worked fine. Glad to see some credits in my account. The future's looking bright! Thanx again.:D

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