"Lesser" Blu-ray Releases: Why?

Discussion in 'High Def and Theater talk' started by CharlieWaflesB, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. CharlieWaflesB

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    Some may say that the disc itself is what's important, but I disagree. It's the most important factor, of course, when you're buying a blu-ray. The PQ and AQ should be the same in all countries, and most of the time they are. What gets me mad is all the rest. I live in Brazil and here a new release costs around 30 to 40 american dollars. Personally I don't have a problem with the price all that much. What I have a problem is that here, we get the most bare-bones version of the BD possible. There are no Steelbooks here, no Digibooks and almost no slip-cover cases. It's mostly an Amaray case with a poorly printed disc inside it and an ugly-ass cover. Is it me or are we getting screwed over here, pardon my lenguage. Most of the time the PQ is the same as the US discs, with only a few exceptions of movies like "The Grey" getting their aspect ratio changed to 1:85. And sometimes they want to release the titles on a single 25GB BD, so they cut all the extras from the BD to achieve that. Of course the price stays the same. Do you guys know why that kind of thing happens? Why do some countries are still getting crappy BD releases? I know it's not because of the cost, since most of the discs are made here. If any of you guys have similar experiences to mine, please be sure to share them with me. I'm really curious.
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    I have no experience with Brazilian BD releases, so I can't speak to their quality. Based on DVD experience, I would say bootlegging is rampant down there, so it's possible BDs have the same issue. But if you're paying that much and only getting pared-down releases, then yes, I would say you are getting screwed.
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    I mean it's not like I'm getting a butchered version of the blu-rays with terrible picture quality. The BDs for the most part are the same as the ones released in the US. The problem is the packaging and the lack of care and respect that they have for their customers. For example: I buy a lot of blu-rays from Amazon.co.uk. Recently I got Jaws and Snow White and the Huntsman. Jaws was a Digibook and Snow White arrived in a beautiful slip-cover case. That would never happen here. Just wanted to know if this was happening anywhere else.
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    When I was in the Cayman Islands, I saw the same type of packaging you speak of. It was very clear though that the discs were bootlegged. As you say same PQ but no other content. These discs were everywhere even the larger chain stores. Is it possible the distribution channels for the movies is not set up in Brazil from the major studios because of copyright laws?
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    Sounds like you are being sold pirated BD25 converts. Makes me wonder if the industry is doing the same thing as pirates, making BD25s cause the discs are cheaper, and then selling them at the same price, essentially doubling the profits....bloody bastards! lol.

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