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Discussion in 'DVD talk' started by Stillwolf2000, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. Starscream

    Starscream Freshman Member

    Law Abiding Citizen
    Star Trek 2 The Wrath of Khan
    Star Trek 4 The Voyage Home
    Star Trek 6 The Undiscovered Country
    Oceans 11
  2. Starscream

    Starscream Freshman Member

    wrong turn to tahoe
  3. Starscream

    Starscream Freshman Member

    Justice League Crisis on Two Earths
    The Box
    Open Graves
    Baby on Board
    Forces of Nature
  4. Starscream

    Starscream Freshman Member

    TMNT 1-3
  5. atilafarias

    atilafarias Member Member

    The shining BD
  6. movieman

    movieman Sophomore Scanner

    Law Abiding Citizen
    New moon.
  7. Starscream

    Starscream Freshman Member

    Astro boy
    Ninja Assassin
  8. koentjexl

    koentjexl Sophomore Member

    Just got a lot of B and C movies from a colleague of mine.
    I'll spare you the names. The films will find their way to the trash anyway.
    At least I can find some use for the cases.
  9. Starscream

    Starscream Freshman Member

    white chics
    the prince of egypt (kids)
    me who stare at goats
    what are the titles of those b and c rated ones you have i might be interested in them
  10. zzzZZZ

    zzzZZZ Member Member

  11. koentjexl

    koentjexl Sophomore Member

    Just got the Alien and Aliens BluRay's for my collection.
  12. billfakers

    billfakers New Member Member

    Latest DVD .. Just added Dredd & Looper to my Bluray collection, dredd was far better than the old Stallone rubbish.
  13. pykejoe

    pykejoe Member Member

    I recently bought

    Wolverine, The Anime: Complete series

    Blade,anime: complete series

    Digimon Volume 2

    Iron Man: Rise of The Techonovore

    Turtles The Next mutation Volume 2

    Transformers: The Complete Original Series box set.
  14. moviemadnessma

    moviemadnessma Member Member

    In my last shopping run, I got:

    The office seasons 1 and 2 (american versions)
    Robot chicken 1 and 2
    Jonny Quest (1960s) {yes, they have minor audio censors on 2 lines, and a few other goofs ... still a good box set with all the episodes}
    Funny People
    Hollywood Homicide
    Anger Management (movie, not the charlie sheen show)
    Walking Dead season 1
  15. tororosso85

    tororosso85 Member Member

    Savages & Argo
  16. 29lola

    29lola New Member Member

    mysterious skin
  17. hae

    hae Member Member

    last i bought some spectacular spider-man volumes and harry potter 4 on dvd
  18. tororosso85

    tororosso85 Member Member

  19. curl2006

    curl2006 Member Member

    I just got in Shock Waves with Peter Cushing, and Eyes of a Stranger. Two Ken Wiederhorn flicks.
  20. Q776766

    Q776766 Member Member

    Recently got a nice little bonus check, so I decided to buy some DVDs I'd be missing out on...

    A Good Day To Die hard
    The Silver Linings Playbook
    The Magic Of Belle Isle
    Ruby Sparks
    Stand Up Guys

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