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Discussion in 'DVD talk' started by Stillwolf2000, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. Stillwolf2000

    Stillwolf2000 New Member Member

    Ice Age 2: Meltdown
    C.S.I. Season 1-3
    Loving Annabella
    See No Evil
    American Haunting
    Rest Stop
    :buddies: :gayfight:
  2. Paper Pills

    Paper Pills Sophomore Designer

    hmm...last dvd dvd-r's count...cuz i just ordered a spindle last night.

    otherwise, the last dvd i bought was club paradise when it came out over the summer.
  3. donobieus

    donobieus R1DB Lifer

    Just got Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Beerfest and World Trade Center.
  4. Paper Pills

    Paper Pills Sophomore Designer

    i got pirates 2 though it was a bitch...first time in a while i made a coaster. anyone else have problems with that title?
  5. RFX

    RFX New Member Member

    WOW. . . you actually bought that movie. Some of the chicks are hot and all, but definitely not a film I would purchase. :huh:
  6. flaminio

    flaminio Freshman Member

    Just got the complete series of Lexx (4 seasons, 19 discs). Now if only someone would make a nice custom for it...
  7. Stormspeed

    Stormspeed Member Member

    I just got the Ultimate Superman set. I've watched Superman again and the Donner Cut of II.

    Long have I wondered if anything could be worse than Superman IV. Now I know the answer. Yes, the scenes that were deleted from Superman IV are make your eyes bleed bad.
  8. VARA

    VARA Member Member

    Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)
  9. thug_romeo

    thug_romeo New Member Member

    An Inconvenient Truth
    America: Freedom to Facism
  10. kida25

    kida25 New Member Member

    Fanny & Alexander
    The Conformist
  11. trueblue77

    trueblue77 New Member Member

    pirates 2 superman returns
  12. robbottin

    robbottin New Member Member

    Re animator (2 disc italian edition)
  13. Dittoz

    Dittoz New Member Member

    Couple of Veggie Tales for the kiddo.
  14. koentjexl

    koentjexl Sophomore Member

    The last one i purchased was Pirates 1.
    I got a lot of films since then, but purchasing...
  15. frankgrimes1970

    frankgrimes1970 Member Member

    Superman Ultimate Collection (including the wrong Superman III disc)
    Family Guy Volume Four
    Simpsons Season 9
    James Bond Collection Volume 3
  16. saq428

    saq428 New Member Member

    24 Season 5
  17. escape_nl

    escape_nl New Member Member

    The Great Outdoors Industrial Strenght

    Motorcross Dvd
  18. sounzgood

    sounzgood New Member Member

    last dvd i purchased was cinderella man and bratz .
  19. donobieus

    donobieus R1DB Lifer

    Just got pirates 2, beerfest and snakes on a plane

    SPIDERDEMON269 Freshman Member

    Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Man's Chest:2 -Disc Special edition
    King Kong Deluxe Extended Edition (2005)
    The Descent:Unrated
    Clerks II
    Superman Returns:2 Disc Special Edition
    Nacho Libre
    Over The Hedge
    The Da Vinci Code
    Hard Candy

    This is what happens when you have to much Free Time.

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