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Discussion in 'Works In Progress (WIP)' started by JKDave, Apr 16, 2008.

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  1. JKDave

    JKDave New Member Member

    This is the first part of my attempt at a complete Indiana jones collection.

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  2. daveppeters

    daveppeters Member Member

    Looks great so far!
  3. zantasha

    zantasha Freshman Master Designer

    Looks nice...but what with that legal area fading from right like its cloned or something?
  4. Rico

    Rico Member Member

    very nice spanning spine. the texture looks great. i hope you will finish this beautiful work.
  5. JKDave

    JKDave New Member Member

    Ok i've posted them all up. The only parts that are now missing are the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull cover. (awaiting story-line for the back).

    Young Indiana Volume 3 discs. And matching movie discs.
  6. cavemanlawyer

    cavemanlawyer New Member Master Designer

    I downloaded one of the full res versions that you uploaded and there are some problems. The bottom right of the back has alot of cloning problems. The texture is just too noticeably cloned there. There is also moire on the entire cover. That border image that you used on the front is very low quality. Other parts of the cover that are scanned are very blurry. Like I'm looking at the Temple of Doom cover. The words Indiana Jones look fine but "and the Temple of Doom" are very low quality. That part of the image also doesn't match up, like the pixels are shifted a bit. You can also see alot of cloning in that area.

    You should try to just find some hi-res textures online or make some yourself instead of trying to clone parts out of other covers. It usually just doesn't work.
  7. adaceg

    adaceg New Member Member

    Wow, thats some really good work, fantastic!
  8. bigredone

    bigredone Member Member

    These look very good. I would say they are done.

  9. SPK

    SPK Member Member

    looks really nice
  10. mr_cyclone

    mr_cyclone New Member Member

    this young indiana jones covers look really cool
  11. kjeeell

    kjeeell New Member Member

    i love the spine and the front but the back could use some extra work :)
  12. flaminio

    flaminio Freshman Member

    Very nice.

    My suggestion would be to change the rather non-descript "Volume 1" etc for the Young Indy boxes to the set subtitles: "The Early Years", "The War Years", and "The Years of Change".
  13. ECUMayner1491

    ECUMayner1491 New Member Member

  14. Starscream

    Starscream Freshman Member

    now all you need is the fourth one, they look great none the less
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