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    Hi, I've just recently signed up to the site. I'm an ex-graphic artist who has been creating 1080p 72dpi unique coverart/fanart/banners etc for my HTPC and personal use. Some of the covers I've created are completely unque. I understand the resolution and size does not meet the standards of the full DVD/Bluray covers on the site but wondered if they would fit into some other category that I'm not aware of?. Heres a sample of some of the work I've done:

    (TheTVdb has the Looney Tune Shorts sorted into Year, the covers for the years are pretty boring so I went off and created my own. I made each decade a different style and alot of the cover design is completely unique.... I hope this comes in handy for all you Looney Tune Collectors.)





    Just noticed the quality of the samples on here look awful, all my covers are 761x1080 72dpi and look alot better than whats displayed here :)
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    There's an entire section of HTPC artwork here.

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