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Discussion in 'HiRes Movie Art Request' started by robbie4004, Sep 30, 2006.

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    10x for sharing
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    any way thank you
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    thanx guys with your discussion i've come to know some new sites of posters...............:)
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    i have a question. where do i upload my posters
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    I dearly hope the mainstream media picks this up and runs with it. Corruption cannot stand the light of Investigation. (of course... itunes should read the related article on 'who controls the media
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    Good one. Thx.

    Jackie Chan is "The Man"
  8. Thanks the web very good.
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    great site thanks mate
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    thnx a lot
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    This is great...like i have the walls of my room all covered in A4 movie posters printed at the loval shop for 17 cents each....
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    poster is nice
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    Printed a few of these, they look awesome.
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    Thanks for sharing, they are great!

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