How to turn an image with photoshop

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  1. chrispen

    chrispen New Member Member

    Hi guys,
    i need your help again, i've got this image,

    and i want to turn it as if i am directly looking at it, how is this possible ?

  2. ApolloOne

    ApolloOne Site Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

    What image editing software do you have available to you?

    BTW, I can't read Greek, but I think I want to watch this film!

    Duh...just read the thread title.
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  3. killbot

    killbot Member Designer

    What you need to do is drag a selection box around the front artwork. then just go edit>transform>perspective or edit>transform>distort, either of these will let you scale up the right side to be as tall as the left. Perspective will only work if the angle at the top and bottom are the same (which it looks like they are.) If you use distort keep the shift button down, it will make it scale vertically only. Turning on your rulers and dragging out some guides will help with this. After the perspective/distortion you may need to scale horizontally (stretching it sideways so people are not overly thin) but not by too much. Let me know if this helps.
  4. chrispen

    chrispen New Member Member

    this has tottally helped, thanks a lot bro.

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