HOW TO: Shorn's making of "The Great Escape" cover.

Discussion in 'How to: Q&A' started by shorn, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. CyberClown

    CyberClown New Member Master Designer

    Beautiful Cover Shorn & the tutorial is excellent.Thanks for all your hard work on both.
  2. larrylar

    larrylar 7 Time MVP Designer

    The work put into to this brilliant cover - all I can say is, AMAZING. I'm totally blown away.
  3. riridanpras

    riridanpras New Member Member

    Original! I think there should be "the making of.." forum section on this site, would be fun to know the story behind each great cover...
  4. svenno

    svenno Member Member

    Creative and very artistic work. Nice attention to detail. One question - how did you get the subtle shading within the tunnel exit (without affecting the lower parts of the tunnel? Did you mask out just that section? It looks quite realistic and "fits" what might be expected when viewing a cross section like this. Really enjoyed this one. Excellent cover for an excellent movie.
  5. flabbyironman

    flabbyironman New Member Member

    Really nice work Shorn, I'm quite impressed. You'd pass the PS test I give prospective freelancers here at work in an instant.
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