HOW TO: Shorn's making of "The Great Escape" cover.

Discussion in 'How to: Q&A' started by shorn, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. shorn

    shorn Guest

    First off, let me congratulate cavemanlawyer and paperpills on their covers and everyone else who entered.
    I was amazed at how many good covers turnt out for teh contest, and in all honesty expected alot more entries.

    This contest gave me a good enough reason to do a cover that Ive wanted to do for ages, so I set about it and I was really please with teh results.

    As promised here is a "making of" preview as it was quite a task getting it to look the way I wanted.

    Hope you enjoy it!









    Hope you have enjoyed seeing how this was put together! It may not be too obvious from looking at the cover but there was alot of work involved in shadows, textures, and gradients, to give the overall "polished" look to the final product. I basically wanted it to look as though it could have been a single picture and not obvious that it was pieced together.

    Well im happy, and coming runner up in the contest is a nice reward for a cover I was going to do anyway! :p

    See you around with some new stuff soon, perhaps I might even get round to making some progress with my Johnny Depp collection!

    Thanks! :lol:
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  2. deboer69

    deboer69 Womanizer Designer

    Nice little insight there Shorn. And some clever work! You can see the effort you put in to making the cover, by the end result. While people that just download covers may not appreciate it, cover makers will know how difficult it is to get shading and texture to lok right.

    Great job!
  3. gbk33

    gbk33 Guest

    Damn! The tutorial is just as amazing as the cover
  4. covermee

    covermee New Member Member

    That was one of the best reads from this site! I was amazed (as always from you) by the cover, and now even more by the tutorial! Great cover, and this just shows your talents! Thanks for the read!
  5. Corvin

    Corvin Guest

    Exactly. Most don't consider how much work goes into it(and just d/l and pass them around like a cheap whore), but there are those that do and we love the results.

    Excellent work.
  6. big_al_1983

    big_al_1983 Guest

  7. gsalb19

    gsalb19 Guest

    i agree, FANTASTIC work Shorn, one of my all favorites, congrats!! :D :wink:
  8. Beyond_Doubt

    Beyond_Doubt Guest

    Good Work Fella :)
  9. techman55

    techman55 New Member Member

    I loved the cover, but that tutorial certainly makes me appreciate it all the more! And for a beginner designer like me, it shows different methods and ideas that can go into making covers. Great work!
  10. PSLOwner

    PSLOwner Guest

    Wow, reading that tutorial was pretty amazing!
  11. jhenry

    jhenry Guest

    I agree. Great work on a great cover! Now I have something to show the lady so that she understands why I had to go out and buy The Great Escape.

    Still probably won't help, though. ;)
  12. kenbitt

    kenbitt New Member Member


    MacGyver like qualitys there Shorn, building something out of nothing :D
  13. qasic

    qasic New Member Member

    Wow...totally amazing cover. I dread to think how many hours went into it!

    Now I want to go out and buy the movie just so I can use this great cover!
  14. CockneyRebel

    CockneyRebel New Member Master Designer

    Man, and I thought that I put effort into some covers.

    You have made me think about my whole process of cover making and I think I will strip things back and change the way I do things as I seem to fall over at the last hurdle.

    An amazing insight into this cover, and a top quality result. I look forward to more of this in the future.
  15. deboer69

    deboer69 Womanizer Designer

    Maybe this could be the beginning of a new thread? Behind the scenes of cover making! ;)
  16. techman55

    techman55 New Member Member

    I think that would be a great idea! I said in my previous post, for beginners like me, this is a great thread as it has shown me different ways to get effects and ideas on making the covers, if other people are willing to share their processes, then that could only help in making artists even better!
  17. deboer69

    deboer69 Womanizer Designer

    What do the mods think? I think it would be a brilliant way of learning new tricks in PS. Much more inciteful that a normal tutorial.
  18. kohlbek

    kohlbek Guest

    Best thing I've ever seen on making DVD covers. Fascinating stuff and an excellent final result. Keep up the good work.
  19. RASTA67

    RASTA67 Guest

    Shorn - awesome work my friend! As a Graphic Designer I saw the work and effort you put into this and appreciated it accordingly!! The creative thought and execution was excellent!

    @bazzah... I like the "Behind the Scenes" idea :)
  20. shorn

    shorn Guest

    Thanks for all the nice comments.

    I think a "behind the scenes" is not always nessacary as alot of covers are designed as you go along. Obviously here, I had a clear pre-meditated approach so it was alot easier to show the thinking behind the construction. I can also see that it would be very helpful to newbies. (i would have liked to have seen something like this when i started!)

    I think the idea of this guide was really just to drum into people that you dont need to be restricted to what artwork studios put out, in order to create an original and different cover.

    I wanted to share this aswell because it was actually really fun piecing it together!

    In total I think the cover took the best part of 5 hours to complete.

    Glad you all like it, and the positive response makes it a worthwhile exercise!
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