How to remove text from an image ?

Discussion in 'How to: Q&A' started by chrispen, May 19, 2008.

  1. chrispen

    chrispen New Member Member

    Hi there, i am looking for a fast way to remove text from images, for example in the image below i want to remove the tag that says "putting the funk into the dunk" and also the actors names on top.
    i use adobe photoshop cs3 and tried with the clone tool but the color change wont let me do this effectively.
    any ideas from the pros ?

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  2. zantasha

    zantasha Freshman Master Designer

    I don't see any picture :( try hosting on or direct attach the image.
  3. chrispen

    chrispen New Member Member

    how about now?
  4. pheedback

    pheedback New Member Member

    im not a pro but here are my suggestions...
    color a layer over the text
    copy the color portions of the image close to the text and overlap layers over the image
    delete the portions of the image with text and try to recreate the effects or parts of the images that were deleted
  5. zantasha

    zantasha Freshman Master Designer

    The easiest way to remove the text is by "VANISHING POINT" in photoshop CS2 or 3. Whenever there's something need to be cloned in a perspective image, Vanishing Point is the best :D

    EDIT: done this in a hurry....but i hope you got the idea.
    I used above image which isn't high resolution so it couldn't be so perfect....but a 300 DPI image with bigger size will be much easier to do this. and after you clone out the text...just redraw the court lines.

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  6. mr_cyclone

    mr_cyclone New Member Member

    damn that looks real good
  7. chrispen

    chrispen New Member Member

    that is awesome but what is vanishing point exactly ? i am a hobbist and rather say a complete amateur with photoshop
  8. donobieus

    donobieus R1DB Lifer

    The best way is to do it yourself, go to photoshop help and type in "vanishing point" in the topic search and read all about it. You'll understand it better that way. Good luck.
  9. zantasha

    zantasha Freshman Master Designer

    OK i'll try to explain "vanishing point" through a tutorial. In the mean time play with an image in PhotoShsop youself....Or see this video
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  10. nangelo

    nangelo New Member Member

    I know this is an old thread... but I would like to thank anyways... this came in handy...
  11. chrispen

    chrispen New Member Member

    I can't believe i never thanked you guys for your answers. Hope its not that late.
  12. itsmesassy

    itsmesassy Freshman Member

    what a good tool, thats something that i needed , awesome
  13. RayDawGGG

    RayDawGGG Member Member

    Which I knew what that "Vanishing Point" tool was called in GIMP..?
  14. cow82288boys

    cow82288boys Member Subscribed Member

    I use the clone tool on my photo editing software.

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