HOW TO: Online Barcode Image Generator

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    You can enter the correct UPC code here and it will generate a graphic image of the barcode for you to add to your cover, very handy tool worth a bookmark.

    Download symbols of all major symbologies in EPS (vector), PNG and JPEG format.

    Link To Barcode Generator Web Page

    Note the images generated with this tool will scan if the aspect ratio is not altered during sizing for a cover, just remember to hold the "shift" key in photoshop while sizing to maintain aspect ratio ;)
  2. peachy

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    Thank You! This is awesome!
  3. Alexx57

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    very helpfull link thanks
  4. Nadaone3

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    Thanks for the link
  5. Turk_97

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    Great tool thx for the good work
  6. ORiON

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  7. SlaM_Dunk

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    The ultimate coool thing! ThanX a bunch ctaulbee! Now all I need is a proggy to laser one of them codes in my head.
    Seriously, good topic!
  8. Wargen

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    thx mate. thats cool
  9. Lace & Whiskey Fan

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    I usually dont's use these, but this looks promising

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