HOW TO: Add A Credit Block With Ease To A DVD Cover

Discussion in 'How to: Q&A' started by ctaulbee, Mar 10, 2006.

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    Thank you his will come in very handy.
  2. Xenus

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    Very useful.
  3. shine86

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    Probably the best font made by tracertong and available on his site is "Universal Accreditation"..seems to be "slim" as needed and very clear ;)
  4. miang

    miang New Member Member

    Thank you for posting this and thanks tracertong for sharing your work.
  5. leosw

    leosw New Member Member

    as I make pra to order covers
  6. torustrooper

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    Accurately what it never lacked to me obtained makes these credits to function
  7. zodicus

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    hell yeah thanks
  8. vmax

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    niiice, thank you :)
  9. Valente

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    This is very nice, although I don't use it can be very helpful. thanks!
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    cros now it all going 2 be much quicker than before......thx:)
  12. johnnyboy619

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    Thanks very much

    thanks man those are real cool fonts :headbang:
  13. fulu

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    very very cool
  14. champ0401

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    Thanks Very Much
    They will definitely prove to be of very good help.
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    It is very nice Thank you for the Great Credits- fonts
  16. Assailant

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    Im new and loving it!

    Geez.. I didn't realize how much effort and elements are put into this site. Awesome!! I love this place! :party:
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    Great Job!
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    Useful thanks!
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    Tahnk you so much...

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