How many movies does everyone have?

Discussion in 'Site Surveys' started by ozsplace, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. RockCity

    RockCity Member Member

    Way too many. Im not about to take the time to count them all. Anyone else notice this thread has been going for 10 years now?
  2. Jitterbuggin

    Jitterbuggin Member Member

    Believe it or not I'm at slightly over 4500 dvd's and somewhere around 500 blu-rays.
  3. Valpen

    Valpen Member Member

    Well I have a bit over 4500 DVDs and 30 blurays and growing steady :)
  4. annatse

    annatse Member Member

  5. annatse

    annatse Member Member

    120. still connecting ~
  6. infamousdre

    infamousdre Member Member

    about 400.
  7. alkventi

    alkventi Member Member

    About 1750 dvds and blu rays combined. Most are horror/ sci-fi.
  8. newin45

    newin45 Member Member

    3748 been at it a long time, Hate watching TV, movies are better, no ads
  9. Thundercat

    Thundercat Member Member

    New to the site here but my wife and I own 1023 movies and 191 of those are BluRays.
  10. adolfo80

    adolfo80 Member Member

    I have over 600 DVDs. That's why I am looking for this "combo" "double features" "series" "collection" inserts because I need to make space for more!
  11. smithy20

    smithy20 Member Member

    Must have well over 7000 now most on DVD a few (Hitchcock and Beatles) on Blu ray and some from way back on good old VHS
  12. striker26262

    striker26262 Member Member

    I have around 1450 without counting my TV Series ! :)
  13. adolfo80

    adolfo80 Member Member

    786 titles DVDs and BDs...
  14. 1Bullet

    1Bullet Member Member

    Too many. LOL
    1586 DVDs
    Then switch to Blu-ray
    688 Blu-ray
  15. subzero20

    subzero20 Sophomore Member

    Too many to count. About 2 dozen dvd binders that hold 200 discs each (not every slot is filled, but most are) and about 200 BluRays, most in cases with awesome covers from here :), the retail covers are always lamer than the coolass custom ones our great users upload.
  16. drsrin

    drsrin Member Member

  17. drsrin

    drsrin Member Member

    I have over 2000 movies collected over a lot of years of renting DVDs. Sometime I even watch some of them.
  18. dvdlabmkd

    dvdlabmkd Member Member

    I Have huge archive of around 14800 DVDs and about 600 Bluray's and everyweek its growing up :). Collecting starting from 2004.
  19. battlechaser24

    battlechaser24 Member Member

    i have exactly 2299 blu-rays. no dvd's for me! lol
  20. punkindrublik

    punkindrublik Member Member

    450 Blu-Rays & growing!

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