How many movies does everyone have?

Discussion in 'Site Surveys' started by ozsplace, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. wwpwfwyl

    wwpwfwyl Sophomore Member

    Around 1700 now.
  2. Q776766

    Q776766 Member Member

    My collection has somewhere around 500 movies (and another dozen or so complete TV Series sets). I actually used to have a LOT more. Was upwards of 2,500 at one point, but wanted to downsize the collection and focus only on my absolute favorite "must own" films and shows, so I sold off the majority of what I once had.

    Honestly, I have to say that I'm glad I did. For me, it actually feels better to have less, knowing that the ones that have survived the cut are my true favorites.
  3. johnstewart51

    johnstewart51 New Member

    Probably 100 or 200
  4. subzero20

    subzero20 Sophomore Member

    About 2000 if you count DVDs, BDs and TV series. Only some of the movies are duped from DVD/BD, I tend to sell off/giveaway the DVD when I get the BD.
  5. SirDonk

    SirDonk New Member Member

    hi, I love movies. I have over 11,300 dvds and Blu-rays. Tad compulsive, I guess.
  6. Hapkido

    Hapkido Member Designer

    I can't give an exact number, but it has to be in excess of 800 at the moment. One of these days I'm going to catalog them... yeh, one of these days. :wink:
  7. ploegsma

    ploegsma Member Member

    I've got around 150 movies and that's without the tv-series i have on dvd
  8. Mohadiib

    Mohadiib New Member Member

    TOO MUCH!!!!! LOL Been collecting since laserdisc days and it is a sickness! What pisses me off is the constant format change and the rebuying of those older classics! My laserdisc collection numbered about 500 @ an average of $40 per movie, also about 50 4 song LD karaoke discs @ $20 a pop from pioneer, and 20 full 20+ song LD albums @ $50 + a pop, then there was the jump to DVD's which saw my numbers at around 900. Next the famous HD/Blu wars in which I picked the wrong side and I have about 300 movies on that format. To make up lost time I have about 800 Blu rays. There's gonna be some very unhappy studios when I die cause I am THE sucker damn I'm worst then a meth head chronic MF!! LMAO
  9. Andysaurus

    Andysaurus New Member Member

    around 470 action history and thriller
  10. meglon978

    meglon978 Member Member

    Hapkido, never put off till tomorrow that which you can put off till next year.
  11. jeeps

    jeeps Member Member

    I have about 700 movies (keeps growing). Love watching movies!! :)
  12. johnstewart51

    johnstewart51 New Member

    About 500 movies.
  13. Buddy A Belew

    Buddy A Belew flaminbud Member

    400 + and counting :nana:
  14. matieut

    matieut Member Member

    I have 1,112 blu rays, 8490 dvd's
  15. tinf0002

    tinf0002 Member Member

    Over 2000 movies :closedeye
  16. leon2236

    leon2236 New Member Member

    thanks for this post!

    all of you guys are amazing im a noobie in this i just have 60 but i gonna get some good titles soon!! :D
  17. judd99

    judd99 New Member Member

    I am working on around 1500+ movies and growing everyday
  18. penguin

    penguin New Member Member

    1500 feature films; 248 Documentaries; 215 Television Shows [Completed] (totaling nearly 20,000 episodes); and 48 made for TV specials.

  19. cemorgan

    cemorgan Member Member

    763 movies, 175 tv series bought a couple of the wall racks from blockbuster went out of business and the east wall of my office is filled
  20. jwilder69

    jwilder69 New Member Member

    reaching the 1000 mark. just started changing over to blu ray

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