How many movies does everyone have?

Discussion in 'Site Surveys' started by ozsplace, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. Kimwawro

    Kimwawro Member Member

    I only have about 200.
    How do the others here have room for all these movies?
    I think some of you must have complete rooms just filled to the ceiling with movies:yumyum:
  2. Tricksta

    Tricksta Member Member

  3. HungShark

    HungShark New Member Member

    Thanks to my fiancee moving in, together we own well over 400 movies, not including her anime and various TV Shows (Seinfeld, Dragonball, etc.).
  4. AidenGraves

    AidenGraves New Member Member

    I have over 1000, my dad used to own a small Video Store & whe he closed he let me choose movies to keep which we're mostly all of them.
  5. cult4me2

    cult4me2 New Member Member

    Ich habe 2500
  6. Doc H

    Doc H New Member Member

    I am a movie saddo.. Have over 5000 at the last (rough) count..
  7. DannyD0695

    DannyD0695 New Member Member

    like 50 :/
  8. No Saint

    No Saint New Member Member

    Few hundred gathering dust somewhere. I no longer felt like buying anymore after a while.
  9. Mr Joshua

    Mr Joshua Member Member

    I've never done a formal count, but I'd guess around 600.
  10. chazz

    chazz Member Member

    Well over 10,000 Movie and TV series (I have ties to the distribution industry). I get freebe cd's, without cases or covers, on a regular basis. Sites like this are able to provide the covers I need.
    I also author DVD's of older movies or tv series, from VHS or other sources, where a DVD was never commercially released. In those cases I make my own covers and labels.
  11. wolfeman

    wolfeman Freshman Member

    I have about 1000 DVDs and 50 Blu-Rays
  12. tinf0002

    tinf0002 Member Member

    I have close to 2000
  13. decade21

    decade21 Member Member

    About 1500 items on the wall, some are DVD/Blu TV Seasons, most are movies. I started to do an actual count, but quickly got bored. Then I measured the space of 100 titles, and I have 15 of those spaces full, so there ya go...
  14. pykejoe

    pykejoe Member Member

    I currently have about 1,500 or more, i've been collection for many years now it kinda became more of a passion/obsession rather than a collection hobby.
  15. tightline_69

    tightline_69 Freshman Member

    1268 and still growing. Wife says I have to many every time I go buy another bookshelf
  16. seedys50

    seedys50 New Member Member

    It all starts off as a hobby and then turns into an obsession. Hate to think what i ahve spent on physical discs over the years. Must have 3000+ dvds and bluray. Getting rid of the dvds and converting over to blu where possible. mainly for the improved picture and the HD audio. Always on the lookout for a top title and old classic.
  17. kandinsky

    kandinsky New Member Member

    I only have around 400 PHYSICAL DVD's. I love the films themselves much more than the actual collection "gotta catch 'em all!" mentality; as such, (I don't know if this counts or not) I started converting my DVD's to digital HDD storage in .ISO format so I can watch any of my backed up collection in an instant without having to find discs or worry about their condition, etc. So I HAVE 1050-1100 DVD's (including the 400 physical). My entire Blu-Ray collection is in .ISO format on HDD's, about 150-200 titles (almost half of which are TV sets each counted as 1 title). Now that you can get a 3TB HDD for <$100 easily, it saves you a fortune to simply rip your movies with legal backup software and keep them forever without worrying about needing a physical BD/DVD player or having to use up so much SPACE to store them all. Well that was a long answer to a short question... Sorry about that. =\
  18. fomojr

    fomojr Member Member

    I have well over 2000 i just stop counting once i got to 2000 lol
  19. sysadminpgh

    sysadminpgh Member Member

    I also do the same... I use a program called My Movies which allows me to pull up my movies and watch them across the network. I also can use my iPad to see my catalog of movies.
  20. cherokee

    cherokee Member Member

    If movies = vhs,1 inch, and beta tapes, lazerdiscs and DVD then I have about 1,000 movies.

    Tapes are starting to print through and laserdisc layers a seperating despite proper storage and guess what no warranty whatsover from manfacturer

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