How many movies does everyone have?

Discussion in 'Site Surveys' started by ozsplace, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. ozsplace

    ozsplace Guest

    I have a large collection and I have always wondered how many movies others had. I worked at Best Buy for about 5 years and amassed a collection of 607 movies. Some movies are worth less than their cases and others the cases(snappers) need to go.
  2. pbr

    pbr Member Member

    Around 300 at the moment. But the collection keeps growing. (July 23,2004)
    now... (Feb 16, 2006)
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  3. Movie Man

    Movie Man Freshman Member

    i've been buying a new movie every week since I moved to Florida (dec 1999) :) I'm in the 1000+ neighborhood. Another guy on this site and I used to have a race for the "most dvd's" - I think we figured out you can never win haha

    - plus, i tend to "grab" some of the ones that i dont want or would never buy but wouldn't mind seeing
  4. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    my collection

    540 - i just returned from a vacation to san diego last week, and that added 35-40 dvds to my collection... i just couldn't control myself (damn you, best buy & circuit city!) :oops: :oops:
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  5. crazeeplaya

    crazeeplaya New Member Member

    Over 450 and still growing!

    I bought a few DVDs even before I had a player and started collecting right when they came out. How many of you remember 3 dvds for $1?

    Now I just need to get my ass in gear and finish this dvdorganizer so I cam keep track of them the way I want to.
  6. LewnWorx

    LewnWorx Guest

    Somewhere between 350-400. Then again, UPS and FedEx haven't got here yet today.


    It grows almost daily. I add about 5-10 a week. It's horrid. I have no idea why my wife tolerates it..

    Actually, I do. She never wonders about where I am as it's pretty obvious when the TV is on.
  7. Cosmo

    Cosmo Guest

    At last count over 1200, the kids take up about a 1/4 of that, only keep 200 on display at a time, rest the wife likes to keep out of sight, funnily enough I agree with her, you can have too many on display.
  8. Paladine

    Paladine Guest

    Just broke 300 last week, and adding about 10/week. I try to find ways to involve my fiance into my DVD collecting obsession so that she doesn't cut me off. Any assistance would be grand :wink:
  9. Treehanger

    Treehanger Guest

    You could always buy 'One Night in Paris' and there are some great customs for it floating around :lol:
  10. LewnWorx

    LewnWorx Guest

    LewnWorx' 11 ways of Keeping the spouse/sig other happy with your DVD obsession:

    1) DVD's are cheaper than going to the movies.

    2) DVD's are environmentally freindly. Driving to the movies uses up precious oil reserves.

    3) Never forget to remind your spouse/sig other that due to having all these DVD's you are home at night, instead of the bar/pub/whatever.

    4) If your significant other is female, be sure to pick up a few chick flicks, then demonstrate how easy it is for them to watch them at thier leisure without having to drag you along to the theater.

    5) If your significant other is male, pick up anything where a lot of shit blows up and demonstrate the incredible frame by frame capabilities that the DVD format offers.

    6) Once you hit the 200+ boundary, it's time for a tactics change. Start picking up TV show box sets, and explain that you are actually DECREASING your viewing time by getting these shows on DVD. In fact, you can compress 3 hour long TV show episodes into 2 hours of real time because you are eliminating the commericals. If you use the chapter skip to blow past the titles, end credits and the "previously on show blah blah" crap you eliminate another 10 minutes per episode.

    Make sure spouse/sig other understands that as a result, you will now have that much more quality time to spend with them.

    7) Make sure you scour the Blockbuster Used bins, the WalMart cutout bins, and for your titles. Explain how much you save per title by doing so.

    8 ) By doing the above, it only makes sense to get a good quality printer to do the cover art prints, and besides, if you have a digital camera, it can also be used for great looking prints of the kids, critters and in-laws. I got 2 printers out of this one.

    9) Pick up some stuff that's off the beaten path (think Sundance) and explain how they are broadening your cultural horizons.

    10) Concert DVD's make an extremely good case for upgrading the audio system. Start with your spouse/sig other's favorite band.

    11) A good home theater costs far less than that 2 week vacation in Europe and can be used year round for fine, wholesome whole family entertainment, while a european vacation is just memories within hours of getting back home. DVD's are a very inexpensive "micro vacation" with the added benefit of replay value that cannot be denied.

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  11. fruity1967

    fruity1967 New Member Member

    500+ and counting :)
  12. Paladine

    Paladine Guest

    That's an awesome list LewnWorx :wink: I'll be sure to try some of those out. At the moment she is pretty subdued. Like currently, I'm working on getting every Tom Cruise movie, which seems to keep her happy. lol
  13. cochu

    cochu New Member Member

    I like the list LewnWorx. My collection stands over 1000. Can't stop buying movies. Once you get started, you can't seem to stop. :lol:
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  14. PSLOwner

    PSLOwner Member Member

    598 and running out of storage-space... :( - Maybe I should replace my wife`s makeup mirror with some DVDshelves :lol: Nah, shes ok with "the DVD-collection getting out of control" She nags, but when the darkness falls and its movie-time, she`s just as big a movie-freak as me.
  15. Rincewind

    Rincewind Guest

    Last count 1112 adding new ones all the time, no way to stay accurate.
  16. Little John

    Little John New Member Member

    700+ and still adding new ones every day running out of shelves in my house may have to build an extension off of my house to keep these little guys in order.
  17. alexs

    alexs Guest

    By Gosh!! 1000+??? I thought my 100+ collection was a lot. Just curious, do you get the time to see all those collections?
  18. Paladine

    Paladine Guest

    I would say that out of my 300+ movies, there are probably 10% that I have not seen. When I first started collecting, I would watch them as I got them. Now that is just not possible. :shock:
  19. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    no wife, no kids, no other obligations than showing up for work 9 to 6... i love my life.... 8)

    also, before dvds it was rather difficult so get movies in their original language (english) here in austria - so i had/have quite a lot of catching up to do!
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  20. JupiterPrime

    JupiterPrime Guest

    i really need to update my Profiler database as havent done this in quite some time, but I am somewhere in teh neighborhood of at least 250 by now

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