How Many Hours Of TV Do You Watch?

Discussion in 'DVD talk' started by miketardis, May 2, 2007.

  1. miketardis

    miketardis Sophomore Member

    No value judgments just an impromptu poll. Straight up daily hour count, no excuses...

    How many hours of TV do you watch per day?

    Don't count DVD or video rentals...everything else goes.
    I'm at around the 3.5 hours per day.
  2. wormraper

    wormraper Freshman Scanner

    Anywhere between 1-4, depends on what is on really and how bored I am. I just got a new TV so I've been watching a lot more movies lately :D
  3. fut

    fut New Member Member

    1 - 2 hrs if I'm lucky.
    I can't stand watching the TV ... just checkout the news and maybe some motorsport.
  4. wezel19

    wezel19 New Member Member

    maybe 2 or 3 on a weekday at the weekend it can be up to 6 hours depending on what im doing. Im trying to read more as TV bores me at the minute.
  5. MiLTON

    MiLTON New Member Designer

    about 2-3h during the winter but in the summer about 1h :)
  6. Darth Slater

    Darth Slater this is me in 1988! man crazy huh? Subscribed

    honestly, about 1 -2 hours (mostly sports)

    any tv series that i like, i actually don't watch until they come out on dvd (no commercials, no 2 month hiatus')

    i do have the tv on in the background when i'm on the computer though, so if that counts 4-5 hours

    but not really watching

    I should start a simular thread called

    "can you help me find my tv remote? i've lost it again"
  7. jalv187

    jalv187 New Member Member

    about 2-3 hours a day depending if my shows are on hiatus. I usually keep it on after that as background noise, so I won't count that.
  8. moviewatcher

    moviewatcher New Member Member

    1 hr

    my taste for tv is high...I love goof tv, but there is very lttle good tv....if there was more solid tv...i would watch more
  9. israelbeta

    israelbeta New Member Member

    Really depends on the day.

    If I'm working, it's usually between 1 and 2, tops. There have been some days when I haven't watched anything at all.

    If it's one of my days off, it'll be a bit more. Mostly because I'll actually be home to watch a show or two.
  10. DB0984

    DB0984 New Member Member

    about 4
  11. movieman

    movieman Sophomore Scanner

    all day if i can, and it always works out to i can.
  12. Darth Slater

    Darth Slater this is me in 1988! man crazy huh? Subscribed

    ^ shocker LOL...

    i used to be soooo like you, now i spend my time here...

    and outside occasionally
  13. sparco333

    sparco333 Member Member

    About 2-3 hours, not so much in the summer.
  14. ton1714

    ton1714 Member Member

    Mostly about 2 hours a day, there isn't that much on tv lately
  15. Amelandbor

    Amelandbor Member Member

    Most of the days less then 1 hour.

    Only weekends with lots of sports I'll watch about 4-5 hours
  16. Boogeyman

    Boogeyman New Member Member

    1-2 hours
  17. flipper

    flipper New Member Restricted

    On average about 2 hours a day, less in the summer, more in the winter and during big sporting events.
  18. triplec

    triplec New Member Member

    i would say about 1 hour a day Fav shows are the office, lost, family guy, and 24
  19. DS89

    DS89 Member Member

    about 2-3h
  20. BradleyR

    BradleyR New Member Member

    2-3 hours a day

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