How Many BLU RAY MOVIES do you have....

Discussion in 'Site Surveys' started by rugburn, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Hawkgirl70

    Hawkgirl70 Member Restricted

    I finally hit the 200 mark. We've been changing out all our DVD movies to Blu-Ray.
    We won't get to complete the conversion 100%, however, as some of our older movies have never been made to Blu-Ray.
  2. Darth Slater

    Darth Slater this is me in 1988! man crazy huh? Subscribed

    me too, odd thing is some of the dvd's im switching i paid like 19.99 for back in the day, and getting the blu rays for 6.99 very odd how technology has changed and in some cases better is cheaper.
  3. Hailstorm

    Hailstorm The Sarge Staff Member Site Staff

    Been selling my DVD's as I replace them with Blu-ray's, but lately I have been downloading and storing movies on 3TB WD Passports, holds a heck of allot of 720p movies in a allot less space. My 3D movies are in 1080P. Downloads run from $1.49 to $3.00 depending on the file size. 312 Blu-ray movies,
  4. MinusTheBeard

    MinusTheBeard Member Restricted

    Too many. Right around 1400 or so. I usually try to thin it out every so often to try and keep it around the same amount. Get rid of a lot of the one time watches.
  5. CraigWally

    CraigWally Member Member

    Today I hit the 700 mark
    that's a remarkable 300 in approx. 12 months
  6. G4U

    G4U Member Member

    I'm just over 850 now. I knew I had a lot, but not that much! Yikes!
  7. the lug

    the lug Member Member

    I have about 60. I still cant decide on buying blu ray vs dvd because of Cinavia and the inability to back up the blu rays to keep the mini-lugs from destroying them. My player is pre-2012 and has never had a firmware update or been connected to the internet for this very reason.
  8. LoPan787

    LoPan787 Member Restricted

    Yowzas! I'm right near 600 and I thought that was a lot! With that many, there's got to be some good Criterion releases in there I'm guessing.
  9. chelmer

    chelmer Sophomore Restricted

    over 5000 at last count
  10. SiriusBlack

    SiriusBlack Member Restricted

    Around 2000 I'm guessing, not including those I've not got covers for (about 250) :(
  11. Comared

    Comared Member Member Restricted

    I don't have that many at the moment, think around 10 or so. I'm trying to build a collection though. Most of my movies are dvd's but now that I've got an Xbox One I can finally start collecting blu ray.

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