How Many BLU RAY MOVIES do you have....

Discussion in 'Site Surveys' started by rugburn, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. honestjohn

    honestjohn Member Member

    Take your time. Can't believe how cheap you can get a title after it's been out for several months. I cringe when I walk by the Blu-ray $7.88 bin at Walmart seeing numerous titles I paid full price for. I've gotten a lot smarter over the past few years though, although I'm still pretty damned impatient. I found being broke does make you a better shopper ... :)
  2. ezoonavi

    ezoonavi Member Member

    Hi i have nearly 200, i cant remember the exact number :)
  3. thedoctor2012

    thedoctor2012 New Member Member

    I'm new to collecting BluRay so only have 17 of them, but I have about 100 DVDs.
  4. cc21392

    cc21392 Member Member

    i had exactly 245 last time i counted but have gotten quite a few since then so i would say close to 300 i will post an exact number when i count again.
  5. alienmem

    alienmem Sophomore Member

    200 or so blu rays..not that many...have a lot more dvds
  6. RayDawGGG

    RayDawGGG Member Member

    Zero...WAAAY out of my "desired" price range for a "Media Disc"...and Yeah Screw Sony!!
  7. darknessmovie

    darknessmovie Sophomore Member

    i have 1,523 bluray movie and 510 bluray 3d movie and many more in dvd
  8. vensblue

    vensblue Member Member

    I have about 320 so far
  9. juramqui

    juramqui Member Member

    None! just watch everything on HD
  10. martynpops

    martynpops Member Member

    Im clearly just a novice in the bluray world ive got 25 :S
  11. draysouthern

    draysouthern Member Member

    I only have about 70.
  12. annatse

    annatse Member Member

    I still using DVD...:sad:
  13. cow82288boys

    cow82288boys Member Member

    At least 300.
  14. adolfo80

    adolfo80 Member Member

    I have like 30 BDs. My collection consists more of DVDs.... and I still have some VHS lying around somewhere too! lol
  15. jtkirk65

    jtkirk65 Member Member

    I recently made a list so I know I have 128 movies on Blu-ray, but some are in double/triple packs and box sets, so...the actual number would be closer to 80-85.
  16. subzero20

    subzero20 Sophomore Member

    I use BluRay Tracker to keep track of all of mine, last count was about 230, most in cases with custom artwork from here :)
  17. hae

    hae Member Member

    none. not worth the price.
  18. zappman

    zappman Member Member

    I have about 95 Blu-ray discs.
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  19. andreroc

    andreroc Member Member

    around 1200, cannot stop buying them, am a bit behind on my viewing.
  20. soilwork

    soilwork Member Member

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