How Long is Too Long for New T.V. Shows

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by the lug, Feb 1, 2015.

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    It seems like new TV shows aren't given time to find their audience these days. Many could be quality shows seem to be cancelled before or after the dreaded initial 13 week run, then having to break the momentum of the show for 2-3 months for the remainder of a complete season (usually 22 episodes) to be filmed.

    Do you think 13 weeks is enough time for a new series to get it's footing? If not, what do you think should be appropriate?

    I lean towards at least one full season off the bat.
  2. Darth Slater

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    me i liked "about a boy which was 6 episodes the first mid season replacement and like 13 till it got cancelled,

    then there is gotham which i liked the first what 12 episodes then it got stupid with people pulling thier eyes out with a spoon and a serial killer 3 episode arch that had no reason being there...

    and then there is flash which started off slow (no pun intended) but about epidode 15 it kicked in

    so my guess is a 13 episode first season (oh orange is the new blakc does i think 12 and thats just fine)

    13 is a great number and if show is good add on 7 fpr a round 20

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