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Discussion in 'HiRes Movie Art Request' started by heavywear, Jan 5, 2006.

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    This is a website that auctions vintage movie posters. They have high-res scans of the items offered, so bidders can see just what they are buying. They also archive past auctions. The scanned images are often good enough to use for cover elements (so you don't have to actually buy the poster). Many have creases that would need to be cleaned up, but those are not too bad in most cases. Many of the images on my Disney collection covers are from scans from this site. Registration is required, but free. The site:

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    good job....
  3. Doc H

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    Some very nice sites there. Ta very much.
  4. waldo793

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    Thanks very much to all - well done
  5. GeorelloG

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    Thanks. Been looking a nice site!!!
  6. SirDonk

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    Never knew there was some many sources out there! Some good stuff!

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