Hires Artwork Site Resource Thread

Discussion in 'HiRes Movie Art Request' started by heavywear, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. mc.molli

    mc.molli New Member Member

    Thanks for the Great Links
  2. Lilbro

    Lilbro New Member Member

    Enough thanks, mates, let's have some links, especially for older movies. What's on the screen nowadays barely rates mentioning in polite company, let alone paying a sawbuck for.
  3. Aryudsoh

    Aryudsoh New Member Member

    Very useful links. Didn't know about a lot of these. Thanks!
  4. stingeyal

    stingeyal Member Member

    thanks, i only had one of them already
  5. cokedude32

    cokedude32 New Member Member

    Thanks, I was in need of a few new sites to find art work. :)
  6. zupa

    zupa Member Member

    Thanks to everyone here for the links most appreciated

    Best Regards
  7. Newbie1

    Newbie1 Member Member

    Veru nice. High 5.
  8. M4r1n

    M4r1n Member Member

    Thx for links.
  9. Flyingdutchman

    Flyingdutchman New Member Member

    Thnx! Got some nice addition od sites :D
  10. D4nY

    D4nY New Member Designer

    thanks, very good ;)
  11. RoyaleB

    RoyaleB New Member Member

    Thanks for the links
  12. TheSentinel

    TheSentinel New Member Member

    Excelent , very nice site ! Thanks all people !
  13. Whizz

    Whizz Guest

    Thanks, those will come in handy!
  14. JollyRoger

    JollyRoger New Member Member

    Some of these was new to me. Thx a lot!
  15. killbot

    killbot Member Designer

    Is anyone a member at 1sheet dot com? I have tried to sign up, but It says "an email has been sent..." and I never get the email!! Its killing me because they have two of those Trancers posters I am looking for... any info is appreciated!
  16. pheedback

    pheedback New Member Member

    I found another site that is useful for tv shows that are in syndication.

    Syndicated Network Television Association
  17. Pykespeek

    Pykespeek Member Member

  18. rickssg

    rickssg Freshman Designer

  19. Dismisled

    Dismisled R1DB Lifer

    My favorite Cover sites next to this one (of course..) is:

    www.x.org This is a pay-site But totally worth it.. ;)
    www.x.net Mostly Covers..

    All time Favorite site is for me www.cinemaHD.net

    Hope i could help someone...
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  20. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    guys, please just post hires poster links etc... we dont need to crosslink to other cover sites.

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