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Discussion in 'HiRes Movie Art Request' started by heavywear, Jan 5, 2006.

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    DVD Empire has the front and back cover of the dvd that they sell. These covers can be downloaded and saved, by selecting the dvd and clicking box covers.
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    Sorry lpenny, this thread is for HI RES ARTWORK, not previews of retail covers.
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    Thanks to everyone here for the links most appreciated
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    Thanks for all the resources, the links are great.:jump:
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    nice collection of good links here, thnx ppl for sharing them!
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    Cheers very mucho some cracking links
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    that's a handy bunch of links!
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    Thanks alot for all the help Cover Gurus :)
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    thanks, a lot of very helpful links in this thread!
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    Thanks, alot of great sites.
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    Great links and very help for photo.
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    Thanks for all the resources.
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    Thanks alot. I am attempting to create some covers now.
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    thanks for the sites
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    Some good resources here I didn't know about.

    Thanks !
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    yeah thancks a buch, just so much cool things that would otherwise have taken ages to find :):)
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    cheers for these

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