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Discussion in 'HiRes Movie Art Request' started by heavywear, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. heavywear

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    New Line Movie Publicity

    Here you can post links to sites that have hires artwork you want to share.

    Requested by Mr. Pills in another thread :)

    This post moved from previous thread.


    Not sure if this is common knowledge, most films on this site have high rez downloads:

    New Line Movie Publicity


    Hope this helps
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  2. Aristoles

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    Good site for stuff


    A good website to get art, pictures and all kind of stuff. I ripped many pictures for backgrounds etc. Little job with photoshop to create your own unique material.
    All is high res. and perfect quality. (registration needed)


    BLUEWISH Member Member

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  4. Paper Pills

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  7. badwitch

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    wow i didn't know about all the resources!
  8. ecosvaldo

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    Wow! Thanks!
  9. macsas

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    Thank you for all the great resources.....Thats Brilliant

    EANAMAR Guest

    Thank you for all the great resources.
    Very good
  11. Fredissimo

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    Is there any of these sites specialized in tv shows hirez.
  12. K!llerBee

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    Nevermind - I was posting in the wrong thread. Sorry.
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  14. rivergod

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    great stuff didn't know all this stuff was easily available thanks.
  15. bookluvr

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    Graet Links! Thanks for posting them!
  16. ORiON

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  17. DaMovieMan

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    Dude! Google! What is that like some sort of new site or something! Man alive! You are genius! I'm just messing around with you ORiON...if you hadn't said google, I would have. :-D
  18. dumonde

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    nice links, thnx
  19. jpaulo100

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    Very Good!!
  20. flatron

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    thanks for the links


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