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Discussion in 'High Def and Theater talk' started by philosophy101, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. philosophy101

    philosophy101 New Member Member

    I own a PS3 and own only 5 Blu Ray movies, but since the announcement of Toshiba dropping HD DVD, prices have gone done dramatically, I purchased a display HD DVD player at my work (COSTCO) for $49.99 comes with 2 movies Bourne Identity and Bourne Supremacy and a free HDMI cable. Hollywood Video have all their HD DVD for sale, I think this is nationwide, some have it for 2 For $20 , our local store has it for 3 for $25 and you can still use the coupon buy one get one free that was in the booklet that they have....
    so today I pick up BEOWULF, American Gangster and Blade Runner 5 disc for $27.10 and that's including tax :p couldnt believe it...:p:p
  2. master_shake

    master_shake New Member Member

    Thank you so much for the head's up on this awesome deal! I stopped by my local Hollywood Video before it closed tonight and spotted at least a dozen titles that I can get my hands on for $10 a piece. No BEOWULF or AMERICAN GANGSTER though, and most of the titles were'nt very recent. But no matter, I just want to bulk up my collection before the format vanishes for good.

    The only downside is that the discs are previously viewed copies that are in crappy-looking rental cases instead of the classy-looking red cases that the titles always come in.

    Does anyone know where I can get my hands on some extra HD DVD cases?

    Btw, Philosophy101, love your avatar.:naughty:
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  3. movieman

    movieman Sophomore Scanner

    I have about 5000 cases if you want them. LOL
  4. gbk33

    gbk33 Site Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

    What???? Why the Hell would you have 5000 HD DVD cases? I call :bsflag:
  5. master_shake

    master_shake New Member Member

    I also stopped at a entertainment store called Hastings last night and saw they are having a clearance sale on almost all of their Paramount & Warner Bros. titles for $14.99 to $16.99 each (including the HARRY POTTER films, BATMAN BEGINS, ZODIAC, BLADES OF GLORY, TRANSFORMERS, SHREK THE THIRD, The new Stanley Kubrick Special Editions, WORLD TRADE CENTER, 300, BLOOD DIAMOND, TROY: Director's Cut, TMNT, DISTURBIA and OCEAN'S 13 among many others)
    Seriously, does anyone know where I can purchase a large quantity of HD DVD cases for a low cost?
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  6. gbk33

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  7. philosophy101

    philosophy101 New Member Member

    I bought empty HD DVD cases at amazon.com, for 25 cases it's 20+ dollars including tax and shipping. I havent received them yet...so cant tell you as far as quality wise.
  8. manwithaplan

    manwithaplan New Member Member

    Hey if you like buying stuff that no longer has any call for do you want to buy some Betamax tapes as well :p
  9. alexs

    alexs Freshman Member

    Thanks for the heads up. I will hunt for those deals on HD DVD.

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