Greatest war movie ever?

Discussion in 'DVD talk' started by vassa1980, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. vassa1980

    vassa1980 New Member Member

    Everybody talking about Saving Private Ryan. This is great movie.
    But i think Platoon and Casualties Of War are good to. Specially i liked the last one.
  2. livingdeadmafia

    livingdeadmafia New Member Member

    Platoon is my favourite war movie.
  3. fender69

    fender69 New Member Member

    IMO "Saving Private Ryan" is way overrated
    I've always loved Paths of Glory
  4. colortimer

    colortimer New Member Member

    Although Saving Private Ryan is a great film, My favorite has got to be Braveheart. Although it is not as intense as Private Ryan, it is quite powerful.
  5. kunkstyle

    kunkstyle New Member Member

    We Were Soldiers
    Tears of the Sun
    Three Kings
    Black Hawk Down
  6. jalv187

    jalv187 New Member Member

    In no particular order:
    Apocalypse Now
    Full Metal Jacket
  7. jozefr

    jozefr New Member Member

    sorry guys but i have to say mine is:
    saving private ryan
  8. Blacknight

    Blacknight Member Member

    Das Boot - no question.
  9. hades8840

    hades8840 New Member Member

    not exactly a war movie but militery based the last castle
  10. platoon

    platoon New Member Member

    My favourite war film is platoon
  11. BlackWatch

    BlackWatch Sophomore Member

  12. JupiterPrime

    JupiterPrime New Member Designer


    Do you think I'm cute? Do you think I'm funny?
    Let me see your war face!
  13. light44

    light44 New Member Member

    Braveheart and Platoon!
  14. graeme586

    graeme586 New Member Member

    the wildgeese starring richard burton & roger moore
    were eagles dare
  15. uc7

    uc7 New Member Member

    For a slightly different take.. comedic... I would have to say Kelly's Heroes.

    "We got our own ammunition.
    It's filled with paint.
    When we fire it, it makes pretty pictures.
    It scares the hell out of people.
    We got a loudspeaker. When we go
    into battle, we play music.. very loud.
    It kind of... ...calms us down."
  16. acidtrent

    acidtrent New Member Member

    Saving Private Ryan is the best
  17. 20111

    20111 Guest


    Platoon Was Nice Film
  18. enrage13

    enrage13 New Member Member

    hamburger hill was pretty good IMO.
  19. DrunkenBum

    DrunkenBum Member Member

    Das Boot or Downfall
  20. wooga

    wooga New Member Member

    Can't believe nobody's mentioned "Bridge on the River Kwai"
    To suggest anything else besides it or Das Boot is sacrilegious!

    Sure, Braveheart is an excellent movie (one of my top five) but it's greatness is not as a "war" movie.

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