Great movies no ones heard of

Discussion in 'DVD talk' started by ozsplace, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. ozsplace

    ozsplace Guest

    I know most people know about Shawshank, LOTR, Godfather, etc but what about movies people do not know about. Mine are

    Brotherhood of the wolf
    Boondock Saints
    City of God
  2. JupiterPrime

    JupiterPrime Guest

    anyone remember Nelvanna Productions animated feature..."Rock and Rule"?

    that was a cool flick - not really for the kiddies due to its subject matter, but a fun watch
  3. FluidDruid23

    FluidDruid23 New Member Member

    Baise Moi
    Switchblade Romance
    Bubba Ho-Tep
  4. yobxobx

    yobxobx Guest

    Hears a few. One i'm sure should be on Jup's list.

    Searching for bobby fischer
    Super Troopers (funny as shit)
  5. JupiterPrime

    JupiterPrime Guest

    Ive already made modified retail for Bobby Fischer...and I have heard of and own it - great piece of film
  6. DownLovv

    DownLovv Guest

    remember the title of this thread is "MOVIES NO ONES HEARD OF"
  7. covermee

    covermee New Member Member

    Laura (1944), Faust (1926), Nosferatu (1922) and M by Fritz Lang are all great oldies that most people don't know... amazing films though! Newer ones I would have to say Wasabi (french), The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe animated version... there are so many good films, but this is a good subject because it can recommend films to others that would have othewise never thought of a certain film. I know that my DVD collection has so many rare films (mostly oldies) and I always want to know of some good rare ones!
  8. BlackWatch

    BlackWatch Guest

    A lot of foreign films would fall into this category.

    So Close (Chinese Charlie's Angels)
    Storm Riders (Chinese Super Hero Kung Fu)
    A Man(Sword?) Called Hero (Based on Chinese comics)
    Demon City Shinjuku (Japanimation)
    Wasabi (Can't go wrong with Jean Reno)
    any foreign Jet Li movies except Hero. He's funny as hell. For some reason (language maybe), he never comes across as funny in American movies.
  9. covermee

    covermee New Member Member

    Great call on Wasabi BlackWatch, love Jean Reno!
  10. JupiterPrime

    JupiterPrime New Member Designer

    "Kenny and Company" great coming of age film from 1976 - not on par with "Stand by Me" , but a really cool film for boys in the 12 thru 14 year range. If you're a 70s retro nut, you'll love this film. Anchor Bay is releasing a DVD this June - only boots available now.

    Also more known - but still vague is "White Zombie" 1932 with Bela Lugosi, creepy and cool and shot on the Dracula sets at Universal, but by a private production company. It has alot of German expressionists influence and a fun thing to watch if you can find a good quality copy.
  11. Jaldomar

    Jaldomar New Member Designer

    3 great movies in my opinion.

    The name of the rose
    Nosferatu (1980)
  12. kakihara1

    kakihara1 New Member Member

    I'll agree with Nosferatu from the 30's but I haven't seen the other two

    Last Life in the Universe (Japanese Film shot in Thailand)
    Ondskan (Evil) (Swedish)
    Irreversible (French)

    movies I love that everyone else seems to hate


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  13. Irrob

    Irrob Freshman Member

  14. kunkstyle

    kunkstyle New Member Member

    "The Delicate Art of Parking"

    Hilarious mockumentary.
  15. flyboy

    flyboy Sophomore Member

    High Risk (1981) Starring: James Brolin, Lindsay Wagner, Clevon Little, James Coburn and Anthony Quinn.

    It is too bad this has yet to be released on DVD properly, just as a bargin bin title.
  16. motherbadbone

    motherbadbone New Member Member

    Le Samourai (1967) and Blow Up (1966)
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  17. motherbadbone

    motherbadbone New Member Member

    Le Samourai (1967) and Blow Up (1966)
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  18. kakihara1

    kakihara1 New Member Member

    What is it about??
  19. mylesj

    mylesj New Member Member

    One of my favorite unknown heist films is Grand Slam with Klaus Kinski. Also along these lines but perhaps a bit more known because they now have Criterion releases are Rififi and Le Circle Rouge. Look for these if you like heist films.
  20. Skankenstein

    Skankenstein Member Scanner

    Kenny and Company... wow, didn't know we had Don Coscarelli fans in here. Thats awesome. White Zombie was released by Roan, and has an exquisite transfer, even though its only a Laserdisc port. As for the rest of these movies, I have heard and own. Rock and Rule had an awesome 2 disc set released by Unearthed earlier this year. Covermee seems to like his silent films a lot. Can't blame him. I just watched the 2 disc Criterion dvd of M last night, and its never looked better. I'm just surprised that he didn't mention Dr. Caligari, or Der Golem.
    Kakihara1 stated that everyone seems to hate Existenz.. Blasphemy.. Cronenberg is god, and that movie ruled!

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