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    Before you even start to up load or download from the site, take the time to read the Rules and FAQ threads, it will tell you what sizes we accept on images and covers, how to prepare your image for uploading, how to properly word the titles, how to properly download images from the site, because we seem to get the same questions over and over, and all it would have taken is a few minutes of forum reading. Allot of new members probably don't know that you need to identify scans and custom covers, do a search before you even post your image to see if it's not already on the site, use the full version download button so you won't get the watermark image when you download. The proper cover sizes used on the site are listed there and you can download the measurements for future use., we get double postings which makes both images unusable. What language your cover needs to be I.E. we only accept Region 1 covers here, so we hope this short posting helps all the new members.

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