First movie you ever bought

Discussion in 'DVD talk' started by miketardis, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. hmarx

    hmarx Member Member

    MY first VHS and DVD was JAWS.
  2. Paper Pills

    Paper Pills Sophomore Designer

    hmm...i think the first vhs was wayne's world
    the first dvd was definately the matrix and devil's advocate at the same time
  3. adamkitchin

    adamkitchin Member Member

    Cant recall the first VHS i got, first DVD I got was "Species" and a couple of Steven King films cant remember what ones though off the top of my head...
  4. Poloki

    Poloki Freshman Member

    My first DVD's were Disney's Tarzan and Top Gun
  5. Zoekie

    Zoekie New Member Member

    First VHS MUST have been the Star Wars Trilogy. Still have them, in all their full frame gloy!
    First DVD was the Aliens Box Set, containing the single disc versions of all 4 movies. In fact, I decided to buy a DVD player when I saw that box in the stores.
  6. yoshie66

    yoshie66 Member Member

    VHS: MP's Holy Grail - Bought it at a sale at the local video store back in 1980. The owner had decided to go 100% Beta and was sellling his VHS inventory for nearly nothing. Within six months the shop was gone.

    LaserDisc: Dawn of the Dead - By far the best copy of this film I have seen, and I currently own 9 different versions in four different formats

    DVD: The Mask - Bought this a full year and a half before I owned a DVD player. Until 1998, all we owned to play DVDs on was my office PC.

    Blu-Ray: Black Hawn Down - Rumblevision baby!
  7. Lizzard

    Lizzard Member Member

    My first purchased 8mm was "Shepard, America's Astronaut"
    My first VHS was "Star Wars"
    I skipped Laserdisk (thank God!)
    My first DVD was "Top Gun"
    My first Blu-Ray was "Alien"
  8. koentjexl

    koentjexl Sophomore Member

    My first VHS was 'Die Hard'
    The first DVD was Gladiator or the Matrix.
    I still have to buy my first Blu Ray
  9. InfiniteDesigns

    InfiniteDesigns New Member Member

    First Vhs was Evil Dead
    First dvd was Towering Inferno i think
  10. bi0hzrd51

    bi0hzrd51 Member Member

    Never bought any VHS or Laser Disks.. First DVD's Waterboy, Billy Madison, and Happy Gilmore in 1998
  11. felcherman

    felcherman New Member Member

    First VHS I bought was Bram Stoker's Dracula, had to buy it a second time once I had worn it out.

    First DVD was Arlington Road, not seen that in a long time now.
  12. rickssg

    rickssg Freshman Designer

    I didn't buy my own movies until I moved away from home, as I could usually talk my dad into buying movies that I wanted. The first VHS I bought was The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh, for my daughter. The first DVD I bought was The Power of One, along with Fantasia 2000 (purchased at the same time). I had seen The Power of One before, but so far I have never watched the DVD I bought all those years ago. The first blu-ray I bought was Iron Man. I have watched it twice.
  13. WyldeMan45

    WyldeMan45 New Member Member

    Pump Up the Volume, and to the above poster - did you know Daniel Craig is in Power Of One as one of the evil Germans?
  14. atilafarias

    atilafarias Member Member

    Batman Returns VHS. a long long time ago.
  15. wolfeman

    wolfeman Freshman Member

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  16. pykejoe

    pykejoe Member Member

    first movie i bought was on VHS and it was Adam Sandlers Big Daddy
  17. tightline_69

    tightline_69 Freshman Member

    Very first movie I bought was Top Gun, can't recall what the first DVD was I bought.
  18. tororosso85

    tororosso85 Member Member

    1st VHS was The Rock (1996)
    1st DVD was again The Rock :D
  19. pykejoe

    pykejoe Member Member

    Big Daddy: Adam Sandler VHS,lol

    First Dvd- Incredible Hulk Returns/Trial Of The Incredible Hulk : Double Feature
  20. mob1314

    mob1314 Member Member

    I think the first VHS I bought was The Lion King.

    First DVD I'm not too sure, possibly From Dusk Till Dawn.

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