Finding Dory

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews' started by Hailstorm, Jun 13, 2016.

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    Had the blessings of the Disney Vacation Club to get an early viewing in 3D no less at Disney World this last Saturday morning, Twas a nice anniversary gift. I will say this: it's cute, had it's moments like Finding Nemo did, Pixar did a great job on the movie it's self, all I can say is the credits are great all the way through the end. They kind of tied our hands until Fridays release, no telling the story or plot allowed. More to follow then.
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    I'm looking forward to see it :)
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    Finding Dory was the kind of Pixar movie that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, as the plot revolves around finding Dory's parents, but the (the 3D was typical Disney) no real eye popping out at you action like allot of other movies, but it did put depth into the visual aspect of the movie. The story line was pleasantly done with some really spectacular background scenery. We get to meet allot of the old characters from Finding Nemo and a slew of really cute new ones. For a night out with the family, it will appeal to the younger generation more than adults. As for a sequel it's better than most, at least you won't be left with the feeling you had after watching Cars 2. The entire movie, including the credits should be watched to the end, really. One would say they did leave them an opening for another sequel. Over all rating: 9 Stars out of 10.

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