FAQ Why So Many BluRay Case Sizes?

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    American and European BluRay Case Dimensions

    These are the industry standard dimensions set forth for 1 disc studio cases, which most follow.

    The standard US BluRay case size is 5 3/8” (3118mm) wide x 6 ¾” (1748mm) tall and ½” (12.5mm) thick.

    European versions are generally accepted to be approx 3190mm X 1762mm X 15mm thick.

    However there are slight variations in the dimensions in the American and European cases as follows.

    A standard US BluRay case can be either 11 or 12.5mm. The major reasons are to distinguish it from the regular DVD and enable collectors to fit more in the same space. Another reason for the disparity in size has to do with legal issues. Originally the 11mm was intended for BluRay, while the 12.5mm for the HD DVD. So as a result you see a lot of both sizes.

    In Europe the standard BluRay case size can be either 14 or 15mm thick. One possible reason is to enable more booklets and info to be inserted in the case.

    Note: the 12mm cases sold are likely 12.5 simply rounded off for convenience’s sake.

    Aftermarket mfrs may or may not follow these size guidelines.

    As there are several mfg who are making higher capacity cases in a variety of thicknesses, some examples are 3320 x 1762 for the 16.5 mm cases, 3270 x 1762 for the 22mm cases, and 3290 x 1762 for the 25 mm cases.

    In addition there are 6mm thick cases or "slim" versions and are not really a standard size, so you won't find much available art work to exactly fit those, unless you make your own ;)

    Finally in summary aftermarket cases vary from mfg to mfg so check dimensions before ordering as they may be different from what you would expect.

    Hope this helps explain this dilemma to some degree, and why we have different size customs here.
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    Thanks ctaulbee! This has always been confusing to many....including me!
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