FAQ What Does Restricted under my ID mean?

Discussion in 'Rules and FAQs' started by ctaulbee, Oct 26, 2005.

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  1. ctaulbee

    ctaulbee Demigod Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

    When You first get approved and added to the site your account is under probation and RESTRICTED will appear under your user ID.

    While your account is in probation status(RESTRICTED) you can not upload any content to the site. To get out of restricted status and enable uploads you must make 10 posts in the forum (see next post in this thread first). After you have made your 10 posts you will be able to make uploads but they will still be moderated and have to be approved before they will be added to the site. Once your upload has been reviewed it will either be approved or removed and then credits will be added to your account each time it is downloaded.

    Before making any uploads be sure you check the link below.

    Also while restricted you can not make comments on or rate covers, after your are moved to the Regular members group, and after making the 10 required forum posts, you will be able to rate and comment on covers that you have downloaded only. Master Designers and Designers can post comments on covers without downloading them, this is so all can benefit from having feedback from them based on their experience.

    :arrow:Upload and Credit System Info Link Here For New Users

    ** Thanks **

    Welcome To The Site :grin:
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  2. ctaulbee

    ctaulbee Demigod Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

    Silly posting to get the 10 Posts in.....

    This is posted else where but because it applies to the 10 post rule I'm putting a copy here so it will be seen when this thread is read.

    Ok I'm going to make this short and simple don't show up here and make 10 posts in the intro forum by saying HI to a bunch of new members you don't know. You are to make one post there in "your" thread or maybe more in "your" thread if they are needed or fit.

    If I see that type of posting by new members I will remove all those post and you will be wasting your time for nothing it only takes a few seconds to do it. We have members who may know these new members or if not Mod's here to welcome new members, but if is that you happen to know someone from another site who is new here and want to post a hello in their thread that’s fine but I had better be able to tell by reading it that you know them.

    Is this pretty clear, hope so as it's getting to be a bit silly.

    Now for the required post I expect to see those posts in threads that make sense and are complete thoughts that contibute to that thread i.e. a sentence NOT a "yeah" or "that’s cool" come on people are we children here or what. We want you to contribute to the forum here not just make posts for the sake of making them as I am sure you already know.

    Mod's if you see silly posts in the forum from this point forward I will expect you to click delete without a second thought as the post count of the person doing it will go right back down. This needs to be stopped before it gets any worse than it is.

    If someone makes several posts like that then just "check" them all and kill them with one delete until this kind of stuff stops. There is no point to it and I am tired of seeing it as I know many others are too.

    Its sad really that it takes this kind of thing to make adults act like such, but I guess it does.
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