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Discussion in 'Rules and FAQs' started by ctaulbee, Dec 1, 2005.

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    Other than just looking around, you have already found one important section thats this one. It's usually a good idea to look through the FAQ because many questions you may have are probably already answered here.

    Next introduce yourself and say Hi to everyone in the New Members Section, this is actually required it's the only post you have to make all others posts will be optional.

    Next read through the Upload Rules and How Credits Work so you'll know what is required if you want to help add to the site.

    Check the Basic Forum Etiquette rules there are only a few. But give them a look before posting in the forum or commenting on covers.

    One other section of interest might be the WIP or Work In Progress section it's forum section to preview covers being created and get feedback. A very useful tool if your new to cover making and want to get help from more experienced designers. Or if your stuck and need some help finding a direction to go.

    If you want to upload then read the upload guidelines found here Where Do I Go To Upload Covers, Labels, etc ?

    I Have A Question. Who Do I Ask At R1DB?
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