FAQ Am I getting credit for MY covers?

Discussion in 'Rules and FAQs' started by ctaulbee, Nov 4, 2005.

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    Custom, Scanned, Thinpak Cover, or Hires Poster Art Item that is added to the site will yield the member who owns it .3 credit per unique download of that item/cover so it takes 3 DL's to get .9 credit and for 60 DL's you would get 18 credits.

    To start the member who uploads a cover will be set as the owner of it unless a Mod changes ownership because they know it belongs to someone else.

    If you see a cover that is yours and you are not sure if you own it and are getting credit for it. Select it and in the large preview window there should be a button under the image that says "Edit Cover" if you CAN edit the description on that cover then you are the owner of it. If not then you should PM a Mod and get it resolved so you it will be set to you as the owner and you will get the download credit for that cover.

    Send a link to the cover in the PM so we can find it.

    For new members who may not know who the moderators are here, see Link below, anyone on this list can help you so just ask, that's why we are here.

    I Have A Question. Who Do I Ask At R1DB?
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