EVAN ALMIGHTY cost $175,000?

Discussion in 'Future Movie Releases' started by miketardis, Jun 21, 2007.

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    I was talking with a friend today and he mentioned Carell was on a show and said the budget of his new comedy was $175,000,000. "Surely he was kidding," I said. He wasn't. I just looked up the figures on it and EVAN ALMIGHTY indeed cost that much to make. What the heck did they spend the money on? Hollywood has truly gone insane when a comedy (and a lame looking one at that IMO) costs this much to make. Hell, BRUCE ALMIGHTY was a bargain, costing half of this budget at a slim $80 million. So who knows were the money went? Fess up!
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    With marketing costs included the total cost is $250 mil. Carell didn't even command that big of a salary...he got about $5 mil.

    The film went horribly overbudget causing Sony to dump the project on Universal, but even still the initial budget was as much as $140 mil.

    Check out imdb's crew information on this. The number of visual effects people involved is insane. Its about as many people as were involved in the latest Star Wars films, which literally have a visual effect of some kind in every single shot. I haven't seen the film and don't plan to (everyone I've talked to says its terrible and completely unfunny) but I guess there's just alot of scenes with massive amounts of CG animals. I predict this movie is going to completely tank. Carell is funny but this isn't really his brand of humor, and he doesn't come close to the star power that Jim Carey had back when Bruce Almighty came out.
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    well foremost at hand is can carell carry a movie at this point. he has not done anything of this scale except the 40 year old virgin and that only did $110 milliion. as cml said...he just isn't that kind of star.

    now, it is clear that they will make no profit at the box office, but what does that mean? will this be "written off" as just a flop or will it be "written off" the books at the studio due to all the problems the production had.

    i hope that it is written off as a flop because if the latter is true...the studios will still think they made a quality movie that just cost too much to make.
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    I hear it sucks more cock than moviemenace
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    Pulled in 31.2 million for the number 1 spot this weekend. Not a good enough start I would think.
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    that's not even 10% of what it needs to turn a profit.
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    How do you know it sucks more cock then me, AEY???
    But yes your right it does suck more cock then me, Evan Almighty has disappointed me a lot. (Just like gbk's girl is disappointed after sex with him for 40 seconds :))
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    your insults need work. they are not funny and they are not witty.

    anyway...back on topic.

    evan almighty is 3rd this week behind die hard (2) and ratatuee (1...spelled like its said...fuck the french)

    evan almighty is the newest MAJOR big budget dissapointment. 2 weeks and only 20% of the where it needs to be to turn a profit....no way it makes $$$ at the box office....slipping 2 spots this week, with other HUGE movies to come.

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