Epson C88+

Discussion in 'Technology' started by wormraper, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. wormraper

    wormraper Freshman Scanner

    I had a question about the Epson C88+ for people who owned it. I was going to buy the C120 from with their CIS system but it looks like they discontinued it. The R280 is just past my price range and I wasn't sure if the C88+ would be high end enough for custom cover art. For those of u who own the C88+ how does it do for printing covers???
  2. Dev

    Dev Member Member

    I don't own it but am about to purchase either that one or a Canon MX700. I've used a lot of sub-$100 printers for photo printing and the results are great so I am assuming this one will be fine a well. Both have CIS systems so ink will be cheap. I may go with the Canon since it's supposed to list for $160, but on sale for $90 at

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