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Discussion in 'Technology' started by byzant655, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. byzant655

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    I needed to encode a movie from mkv to standard dvd, which i accomplished with TSmuxer and BDrebuilder. Looked great but because the original mkv had the black bars cropped the aspect ratio was altered from 2:40:1 to 16:9. Its resolution was 1920 x 800.
    I am re-encoding from a bluray now but for future reference is there a way to add black bars to an mkv ? Is there something better to use than BDrebuilder i would be better off looking into ?

  2. byzant655

    byzant655 Member Member

    Well just to answer myself, there is a tool called Multiavchd that might be able to add black bars to the mkv. I say 'might' as i have'nt tried it yet because i just re-encoded the original bluray to dvd.
  3. vensblue

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    Yep Multiavchdit will do that I have done it but ages ago now it was to get a Mkv that was encode in the wrong AR
    so cropped to get right.
  4. GeorelloG

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    I like using AVStoDVD, as it does this automatically. Nice little program.
  5. g-tah

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    you never need to add black bars for the dvd.
    look into anamorphic encoding and setting the correct AR flag within the dvd files.

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