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  1. tyson

    tyson Member Member

    i would like to know what people think off blu-ray most movies i have seen are just like dvd matbe a little bit better are they for tvs over 37 inch so far here are the movies i have seen: i dont count cartoons as they would look good anyway as they are only cartoons only movies im afraid

    men in black [not great]
    national treasure [not bad]
    Wall,e [good but cartoon]
    spider-man 3 [good]
  2. Ketaros

    Ketaros New Member Member


    Theres no comparison... its obvious the highter quality, due the 5x highter storage capacity a blu-ray has comparing to a DVD.
    The image is WAY superior (better TVs are needed maybe to fully realize)...

    Maybe, there are some old movies who are not making the use of blu-ray full capacity cause they were never intended to... but newer things comming are being a blast.. :)

  3. tyson

    tyson Member Member

    thank you very much for your input on this matter.
  4. rickssg

    rickssg Freshman Designer

    For in-depth reviews of how specific releases make use of the blu-ray technology, I suggest www.blu-ray.com. Each review covers the film (or TV show) itself (e.g. plot, acting, etc), then the video quality, then the audio quality.
  5. tyson

    tyson Member Member

    thank you very much i found that site and it is excelllant it saves me money as i dont like wasting money on blurays that look the same as dvds. thanks for the info.
  6. johnnyjt

    johnnyjt New Member Member

    You see more detail.

    South Philly
  7. Kevin12

    Kevin12 Guest

    blu-ray is a new technology than dvd and it has new features in it ..
  8. scarmullet

    scarmullet Freshman Member

    Alot of the quality of the BD is dependent on the film it was shot on and the condition of the negative. For example, Caligula was shot on 35mm film, but the BD version is shoddy because of deterioration at the hands of penthouse, while Troll 2 looks pretty damn good on BD, noticeably better than the DVD release.

    Also, Because its HD, catalog titles will have grain in them due to being shot on film rather than digital stock like today. Just throwing it out there.

    STEVE MORIARTY Member Member

    Like people have said it depends on the quality of the film and such. Lawrence of Arabia is stunning in bluray but other films don't look much or any better than the dvd release.
  10. itsmesassy

    itsmesassy Freshman Member

    I dont like Blue Ray, to me it looks like a TV series to clear and i dont like seeing the improfections.
  11. phunk

    phunk Member Member

    Bluray / HD all the way - its like night and day IMO.
    I find the higher resolution, especially 1080p almost give the image a feeling of perceptible depth. Not 3D obviously, but panning and vista shots definitely benefit.
    The higher bitrate DTS audio codecs make a *huge* difference too. There's no comparison from DTS-HD to DD5.1! ;-)
  12. 1Bullet

    1Bullet Member Member

    I am for Blu-ray all the way. I switched about 3 years ago with over 1500 DVDs at that time.
    It depends on your Player, your TV and the encode of the film.
    Most DVD player will up convert to 1080i . But it is the detail you will gain at 1080p.
    The Audio for Blu-ray is DTS Master Audio or Dolby Digital True HD. The Audio if you a half decent home theatre is the same size as a DVD 5 or about 4 to 5 gb. and sounds great.
    A lot of my older DVDs are not even watchable on a high def TV, unless they were enhanced. The NTSC version of The Medicine Man as an example is not watchable. The enhanced version in PAL is.
    Another site for comparisons is DVD Beaver. You can see the images in DVD and Blu-ray on comparisons. Like others have mentioned above some Blu-ray's have way to much DNR (digital noise reduction) to remove grain. Films have grain and in my opinion the encode of the Blu-ray was a mistake, as it posters the film. But just like DVD's wait for the next release.
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  13. RockCity

    RockCity Member Member

    On a larger tv, you'll see a definite improvement in picture quality. When you hook up a good sound system then you get the added bonus of HD sound quality too. For many it wont matter because they enjoy watching movies on their phones and ipads, but the rest of us who prefer quality, it's the best there is currently.
  14. vbangle

    vbangle New Member Member

    If you don't have the equipment to see the extra quality and resolution that Blu-Ray offers then I would wait until you do. Then invest in the movies you really like. But also keep in mind that DVDs may be going the way of the VHS tape soon.
  15. darknessmovie

    darknessmovie Sophomore Member

    great site for dvd and bluray cover i love it so much
  16. zappman

    zappman Member Member

    I have been sticking mostly with DVDs. However, I use a stand alone, external video processor, located between my DVD player and TV to up-convert to 1080P. The picture quality and sound are acceptable to me. I do buy some new titles on Blu-Ray.
  17. cow82288boys

    cow82288boys Member Member

    It depends on the movie. The up-conversion on dvd players now days or very good.

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