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  1. Poloki

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    What are some good sites that I can purchase DVD cases? I know of a few, but they all sell in bulk. Are there sites that sell individual ones? (e.g. I don't need 25 4-disc cases, I only need a couple)

    Thanks! :biggrin:
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    Tough to find a site that will sell only a few cases like that. You might ask a few to send you a sample.

    Since you're in Jersey you might want to check out Marketpro.com They run computer shows around the area always have vendors selling cases. Last time I went to the Meadowlands for one I got 100 standard cases for $14.00. Good luck.
  3. Poloki

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    It's good to know that NJ is represented here! :sclap:

    I have been to those Marketpro shows in the past and have gotten some cases, so I guess I will see when the next one is.
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    I have ordered from The Kingdom before, as you can order as little or as many cases you need. The only warnings are that shipping costs may not be calculated properly when you check out, but they usually send an e-mail with an option to cancel the shipment. THey also have a rather small selection (compared to other sites).
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