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Discussion in 'R1DB Site News' started by jayhawk, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    For those that need it, I've finally added the ability to use a credit card to pay for access to download covers. It is live now, and you can access it here (upgrades link on the top menu). It's processed by and is a ONE TIME payment. There are no subscriptions or recurring payments, each time you want or need to upgrade, you can return here to purchase access. The payment form is safe, secure, and handled by one of the Internet's leading payment gateways. We still offer bitcoin as well--the safest form of payment on the Internet.

    You'll be moved to an additional group that has access to download covers as long as your upgrade is active. I'll be removing most or all advertising for this group as well, once I have the chance.

    The process should be fairly instant, if you have any issues, please post in this thread and I'll look into them immediately.

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  2. ctaulbee

    ctaulbee Demigod Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

    Excellent :)
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  3. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    I may have jumped the gun--looks like it's going to take another day or so for them to finish setting up some processing between authorization and payment gateways... I'll post here when it's ready, perhaps mon/tues.
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  4. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    Alright, this *should* be working now--I'm told everything is setup on the gateway side.. and since I tested this two weeks ago and know ours works--should be good to go! If you have problems shoot me a message.
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  5. scooter

    scooter Member Designer

    Great news :)
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  6. mgd0705

    mgd0705 Member Member

    Cool Thanks
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  7. SSgtVee

    SSgtVee Member Member

    Please Help I have been trying to replenish my account. I am unable to pay with a credit card.
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  8. Buddy A Belew

    Buddy A Belew flaminbud Member

    Great News! :d
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  9. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    credit card and bitcoin are all we can offer--not sure what else you're looking for...?
  10. SSgtVee

    SSgtVee Member Member

    I have tried to use two different credit cards, to no avail. message reads "
    An error occurred during processing. Please try again."

    I tried again. I even rebooted my computer and tried again. Same results.
  11. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    ya, just says general error during processing... can try again at some point, dont think it even hit the processor
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  12. skywarp1975

    skywarp1975 Member Member

    Thank you for this feature!
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  13. notes2tom

    notes2tom Member Restricted

    The payment scheme worked the second time with a second credit card. I was able to use Visa to purchase access. However, American Express bombed out and just gave an unspecific error that had to clue as to what the problem was.
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  14. Buddy A Belew

    Buddy A Belew flaminbud Member

    I used a Visa card to subscribe a couple of days ago and haven't received anything to say that it went through or not. I don't want to keep subscribing if I'm already subscribed. Please advise. Thanks.
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  15. Buddy A Belew

    Buddy A Belew flaminbud Member

    Please disregard previous message. A subscribed box just appeared when I posted the last message. Sorry for wasting your time. Love the site. Thanks.
  16. razer1964

    razer1964 Member Member

    paypal if all else fails
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  17. brucecarr

    brucecarr Member Member

    card seems to have gone through, what is the normal wait time
  18. Eagle4Z

    Eagle4Z Member Subscribed Member

    I have paid for the 6 Months with my credit card and has not shown up in my site credits field.....

    Can you check it out and let me know what is going on ?


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  19. LuisGarcia

    LuisGarcia Member Member

    Can you upgraded to make the payments by worldpay an ATM machine? I´m from Portugal.
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  20. fvetero

    fvetero Member Member

    So now the only way to get credits will be paying for them???
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