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Discussion in 'Cover Elements' started by cavemanlawyer, Jun 19, 2008.

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    I've gotten alot of requests from people wanting the template I use for my double feature covers. Here it is along with the only font that is used consistently. All the other fonts are altered to suit the cover.

    Please feel free to do whatever you want with this. I don't mind if you upload your own double feature cover to this or to another site.
    Latinlovesex Live

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    Talk about coming in handy, thanks for the template CML.
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    Adobe Photoshop
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    Thank you...I'd better try and figure out Photoshop now!
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    Good luck
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    Many thanks
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    Thanks... this will come in handy..
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    Thank you so much
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    Thank you!!
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    Muchas gracias
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    Muchas gracias.
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    Thank-you, this will come in handy
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    Thanks a lot for the template
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    muchas gracias por el aporte
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