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  1. GaMozWorld

    GaMozWorld New Member Member

    Hi all,
    New in town :)
    But already have a question, I am watching a new series (at least for me) which is called Deadwood (western)
    Anyone heard of it (probably yes)

    What do you guys think about this series?
    Please share me your opinions?

  2. snips71

    snips71 Member Member

    Great series, HBO at its finest. The first year was excellent. The second year got a little boring until the final. They really made a comeback on the third season. Unfortunately the series was apparently too expensive so they cancelled the show. All we have to look forward to is 2 movies to wrap things up. Keep watching, great show and factual based.
  3. JJansen

    JJansen New Member Member

    Very good show that has a pace and rhythm all its own.

    Don't watch waiting for shootouts or fistfights -- although you will get both eventually -- this is a character study show. And it drips character from every frame.

    I really like the boldness of David Milch's dialogue -- even with all the cussing -- it has a sweet melody that makes you realize you are watchng more than just a Western show.
  4. tcheck

    tcheck R1DB Lifer

    I only saw a few episodes of Season 1. Although I liked what I saw, I didn't like what I heard. Yes, the dialog and subject matter was 'bold', but the harsh language was extremely unnecessary. I'm not against foul language when it's appropriate, use it myself. However, it seemed like the writers and directors took it to the extreme.
  5. chaotic646

    chaotic646 New Member Member

    One of my all time favorite shows. When I found out it was canceled I almost cried.
  6. Gresleyram

    Gresleyram New Member Member

    Ian McShane is simply awesome in Deadwood - he's come a long, long way since being in Lovejoy!!!!!
  7. crweb

    crweb New Member Member


    Picked the first season up at the library. Good acting with some interesting stories but the foul language was just too over the top. Please understand that I do not have a problem with profanity being used but it felt like they were just trying to see how much the audience would take. Odd how the characters could speek with such eloquent vocabularies one moment then could only express themselves with profanity the next. I can cuss like a sailor at times but, again, this was just too over the top for me. But thats the nice thing about freedom fo speach/expression, if you don't like it you don't have to watch it. I may not care for it, but I'll defend the filmakers right to create it, and others right to watch it.
  8. RichV

    RichV New Member Member

    What can you say about Deadwood? Excellent series that proved the f-word is a noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, and adverb. Who can't love that? :)
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